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hi everyone,this is my first post and first story. IT started out as a fantasy but kept growing and turned into a whole story.It is a little long so I will put in several posts.I hope you all enjoy and any comments or feeback is welcome.LoveMaxUltimatumPart 1“I have had enough of his relationship, you are so pig headed. It is killing me – you treat me like an animal – you treat the dog better. This is the situation – I am going for a walk. If you are here when I get back, things are going to change – and I will be making all the rules… and you will obey.” With that Marianna stormed out the house leaving Cameron shocked and confused. He sat for a few minutes and replayed the words in his mind – ‘I will be making all the rules…and you will obey.’ With this still ringing in his mind Cameron walked to the bathroom to splash his face and collect his thoughts.Click – the door opened and Cameron was still staring at his reflection in the mirror. He hadn’t come to a conclusion to Marianna’s statement. He dried his face and slowly walked out into the living room.Marianna was standing in the middle of the room with a determined look on her face. In her hand was a large paper bag which seemed full of random objects. “So you are still here – good boy.” Marianna said with a sarcastic tone. ‘Boy’ thought Cameron, he was 26 and hadn’t been called that since high school.“Go into our room, undress, put away your clothes neatly and return to the living room.” Cameron wasn’t sure if he should be excited or scared, either way it seemed he was going to get lucky tonight. He turned and quickly went their master bedroom and got undressed. He had been wearing the clothes all day so they went straight into the laundry hamper. “Shoes” - he thought – “better put them away neatly.”Cameron returned with almost a hop in his step to the living room. As he entered he noticed the bag was now empty and different size boxes were on the table. Marianna crossed the floor to Cameron and quickly almost shouted “Stop! Stand still in that spot”. Cameron quickly obeyed, again stunned by her commanding voice. Her hand found his cock, already semi hard and she squeezed gently, a moan emitting from Cameron’s mouth. “Shhh boy, do not say a word or make a sound.” With a tighter squeeze Marianna knelt down in from of Cameron as if to go down on him.“Yes!” screamed through Cameron’s mind and his cock got harder. “There will be plenty of time for that later boy” and with a sharp twist the budding erection was gone and some cold metal and leather contraption being played with. The metallic click seemed to echo through the room and as Cameron looked down a look of confusion and panic crossed his face. “What the hell is that?”Slap “I said not to make a sound. That is a cock cage, it is now locked and there are only two keys. One is hidden within this house. The other is in a safety deposit box. Your cock is now quite secure and the property of Marianna. Look for yourself, the tag says so!”Cameron looked down and there was indeed a tag reading ‘Property of Ms Marianna’ dangling attached to the padlock. “Kneel!” For some reason Cameron quickly obeyed and found himself in front of his girlfriend waiting for her next move. Marianna walked slowly and deliberately around her boy seductively running a finger across his back, head, chest, always keeping just out of sight. Another box opened and as quickly as the cock cage went on so did a large thick leather collar. Like the cage it too was locked. Cameron was growing hard but the cage was restricting his erection, he went to touch his cock when a sting hit his ass. “Do not touch my cock with my permission!” Exclaimed Marianna as her riding crop found his bare virgin ass. “I will have to take care of those hands.” She reached into another box and out came what looked like two leather gloves. “Hands out in front!” Marianna demanded. The gloves were shoved on but did not have room for fingers. His hands became fists. Again locks were attached and his hands were useless leather gloved balls. From behind a mask was placed over Cameron’s head that had eye, nose and mouth holes but seemed to extend out at the front. He became intoxicated by the leather smell and failed to notice the lock on the bag snapping closed.“On all fours, NOW!” His intoxication was shattered and again he obeyed. A cold metal ring was placed around each thigh almost at the hip and another at the ankle. Padlocks locked a chain to each ring. Cameron’s leg now could not be extended past 90 degrees. “Sit!” Cameron sat. The last piece of equipment from the paper bag came out and it was a long leash. It was connected to the collar and tugged “Come!” Cameron followed the tight leash as he was lead back into the bedroom and the full length mirror. In the room he turned and found hat he had become – a human size dog. The mask he was wearing had a snout and ears, his collar had a tag and we could not stand if he tried.“Do you like your new uniform?” No answer came. “Every night when you return home from work you will prepare yourself like this. You will lock your legs in place, you will collar yourself and place on your mask and gloves. You will present yourself to me to be locked in place. These are the new rules of the house, until you deserve my love and respect you will be a dog and live as one.” She let the news settle before quickly jumping from her seat on the bed. “I almost forgot!” “What could possibly be forgotten” Cameron thought. “Up on all fours!” Marianna demanded and again Cameron obeyed without realising. A cold wet feeling was felt on his anus but before he could turn an intruding pain startled him. It didn’t go away and filled him up.“I forgot your tail – get used to wearing it. That buttplug tail will be in there a while boy. Now Cameron… Cameron is not a dog name so I will call you… Rex. Ok Rex, from this moment on you will be my dog. You will stay like this throughout the weekend until Monday morning when you leave for work. I will go through my rules…”Marianna carefully went through the rules which included no talking, no walking (if he could), no use of hands, obedience of her commands, no getting on the furniture, no messing or peeing in the house. “Now I want to hear you bark.”“Woof”Crack – again her crop went down on his ass.“WOOF WOOF WOOF”“Good boy Rex. Now a whimper – make it good.” Rex made a semi-descent whimper sound and got another whip. “You will need to work on that boy. Otherwise you will never get let out to pee.”“Now go to your kennel.” Rex did not know that they even had a kennel but followed the direction of Marianna’s pointed finger and found a large dog kennel near the laundry door. Rex went in and stuck his head out like a dog. “Stay! I am going to get ready, we are having company and I need a shower. You stay there and think about being a good dog.” With that statement she turned and left the room. When Rex heard the shower start he got up and out of the kennel. He looked at his predicament. His cock was in a cage, his hands and legs bound, a collar locked around his neck and a dog shaped hood over his head. Like it or not she had him locked up for the weekend. Monday was the first day he could get released. Two nights and two days as a dog. ‘Can’t be too bad’ he thought, ‘dogs just sleep all day, get fed and cleaned.’He lay back down inside the kennel and drifted to sleep. He slept through the door opening and some guests arriving.
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