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We were married for almost 3 years before I had the opportunity to tell mywife about my secret sex fantasies. And it was really my wife's ownfantasies which gave me the chance to tell her. A Friday evening we had a few drinks and my wife got a little drunk on me.We were playing with each other and having a great time. We were talkingabout different things and we of course got into talking about sex... "Babe, I saw something today" my wife said, looking at me. "Something thatturned me on a lot..." "Oh yeah. What was that?" I asked and put an arm around her shoulder andpulled her closer. Her head was on my shoulder and she waited a few minutesbefore she continued. "You will probably think I am weird, or crazy, when you here this one..."she said. "Maybe I shouldn't tell you." "Come on Barbra, we don't have any secrets remember?" I squeezed her closerand she looked up at em with a little blury eyes... "I was out on the balcony, watering the flowers this morning and I noticedthree dogs in the backyard. You must have left the gate open when you leftthis morning." "Ok, go ahead..." I replied. "Well I watched the dogs for a minute, thinking of how to get them out inthe street when I noticed they're behaviour." "What do you mean, behaviour?" I asked. And then my wife starting to tell me the most increadible story I ever hadheard...... Barbra was feeling lenely-and very, very horny this morning. As usual, herhusband, Pete, was off at work. That meant that all she had was her fingersto give her the relieve she needed. She sprawled nakedly on the bed, running her hands up and down her body.She could feel her pussy swelling with arousal and her juices began toflow. Her large tits rested high on her chest and, in spite of their enormoussize, they did not sag even a fraction of an inch. Her nipples were largeas well as long and, at this moment, they were tingling and burning withdesire. She was thinking about her husband, Pete, and wished that he could be thereand help her relieving the pressure in her firm body... "Oooooh," she groaned, letting a finger trace her outer pussy lips. Theyfelt all wet hand puffy from hornyness. She thought about getting her big dildo from the dresser. Pete had boughtit for her birthday last year and it was a twelve inch long and enormousthick. Pete had a large cock too and Barbara loved to be filled up to thehilt with cocks... "No, I have to get things done around the house," she told herself. "I'll let the tingle stay in my body all morning while I do my stuff...."she told herself. She enjoyed feeling horny like that. Barbara got up from the bed and put on a robe, all naked under it. And shewent to the kitchen to make some coffee. She could feel her puffy pussylips rubbing against each other when walking. It sent shievers through herbody... Sitting in the kitchen having her coffee, Barbar was thinking of her lifewith Pete. She loved him so much and they had their own house andeverything looked promising for the future. The only thing that bothers herwas the lonely days... She had no friends around their house to visit.Barbara was often horny in the mornings and she often almost called Pete atwotk to tell him how horny she was and that she wanted him to come home andfuck her.. Yes, fuck her hard ... But she never did, Pete was to proper to do a thing like that, she thought. She started to do her usual stuff around the house, still naked under herrobe. All the time she could feel that sweet tingle in her crotch and fromtime to time she put her hand inside the robe and touched her pussy... Itwas so hot, and wet! When she went out on the balcony to water her flowers she heard noise fromthe backyard. Looking over the edge and down onto the ground she saw a dog,a large dog. She thought it must be a Dane or something. Barbara did notknow much about dogs at all. Suddenly she saw two more dogs, coming outfrom under the balcony. One chasing the other, she could see that the onebeing chased was a Collie and the other was a German Shepherd. The Shepherdlooked like the neighbor's dog. Yes, Barbara thought, it is the neighbor'sdog, Chito, a large black German Shepherd. And he was chasing the Collie, afemale, across the lawn. Chito tried to get his nose under the Collie'stail, but the bitch kept him off. The Dane running next to them, also amale, I had never seen before. He was huge. Barbara realized that she was standing there watching the dogs... "That bitch is in heat, and the Chito is trying to fuck her!" Barbara toldherself. The thought sent warm trembles through her body and she squeezedher thighs together, feeling how hot her pussy was. The Collie-bitch kept the German Shepherd from her rear for a while,running back and forth on the lawn.... The Dane was more mellow and kept adistance to the two dogs. Barbara felt her blood flow warm through her body. Her nipples was erectand she knew she got turned on by watching Chico chasing the bitch... Barbara looked over towards the gate, and saw it was half open. "Oh! Pete must have forgoten to close it" she told herself. Without knowing why, Barbara rushed from the balcony, down the stairs tothe side door where the gate was. She carefully opened the door and lookedoutside. She could not see the dogs from there. Carefully she closed thegate, and secured it. She went back inside, but this time she did not goback upstairs. Barbara went into the family room in the basement, facingthe backyard. The room had a large window and she could see the whole yardfrom there... The dogs still running around. Barbara pulled a chair over to the window and sat down, her robe fellpartially open and she could feel her throat was dry and she was breathingheavy from the sexual excitement... The Collie came over close to the window and she stopped for a moment,Chico immediately putting his nose under her tail. He was licking out withhis tounge and the bitch pulled her tail away. Barbara could see the male's tongue lapping over the puffy dog pussy. Afterlicking the bitch's pussy a little, Chico moved up to mount her. But theCollie run away, teasingly, Barbar thought. Again the bitch stopped and the German Shepherd was behind her, sniffingher pussy. Barbar looked under the male's belly to see if she could see hiscock, and she could, just a little of it, but it made her even hotter. Thedog cock was a little red, but it was rather thick. Barbara had neverreally looked at a dog cock before. The same thing happened again when Chico tried to mount the bitch, she runaway. Around and around they run and they eneded up in front of the windowagain. Now the Dane was close too. Barbara looked under his belly, but shecould not see his prick. But she saw the huge bulb of skin covering it. "That dog must have a huge cock," Barbara said to herself. She had herfingers palying with her pussy again. She was leaning back in the chair,legs spread and the robe all open. Her pussy was all wet and she could feelhow horny she was. Outside the Shepherd was licking the Collie's pussy again. Her tail was tothe side and Barbara could see her pussy clearly. It was all red and puffy.She was enjoying the tongue licking her and she was now standing still. Chico, the German Shepherd, moved around her. Placing his head on her backand testing her, again and again. Barbar could now see his cock moreclearly. The tip of it was outside the sheet of skin. It was all shiny andred. Barbara thought it looked deliscious.. Still playing with her pussy,she grew closer and closer to an orgasm. She lifted her legs up and spreadthem over the arm rests of the chair. This position forced her pussy lipsto part and she could freely play with her fingers in the warm wet cunt ofhers... "Ooooh!!! My God, this is soooo hooot," she said to herself, no pushing twofingers inside her pussy, stroking it slowly. Chico moved behind the bitch again and started mounting her. This time thebitch did not run. The large male on top of her starting humping back andforth. Barbara could clearly see the dog cock now. It was hitting aroundthe dog's pussy again and again. The cock was all shiny and more of it wasshowing as the dog kept on trying to hit the dog pussy... Finally the malewas able to hit the pussy and with his legs firmly around the sides of thebitch, he started to fuck his cock into her... Barbara could see the cock growing larger by the second as it went insidethe bitch'c red pussy. "Oh!!.." Barbara said, breathing hard and stroking her pussy faster andfaster with her two fingers. The juice was flowing from her pussy lips anddown between her ass cheeks. "I have never been sooo hooorny before..." she spoke out. Still watchingthe dogs outside, the Dane was now next to the fucking dogs. He stared atthem and started sniffing at the bitch with the cock being thrusted intoher. Chico humped harder now and more of his cock was inside the Collie, toBarbara it looked like he was all inside her now and he kept on fuckingher.... The Dane now moved behind Chico and started sniffing between hislegs. Lapping his tongue against the balls.. Barbar now noticed that theDane had a hard on too... And she almost swallowed her tongue by the sizeof it. "What a huge cock... And soo hard it is" she spoke out loaud. Her fingersdeep inside her swollen pussy, stroking her hard.... While lookind at thishuge dog cock in front of her. The Dane's cock was about half way out andBarbara kept on looking at it... Her eyes burned and she started to thinkabout how lovely the cock looked... and so horny it made her. "I wonder how it would.... No, don't think like that." she told herself. But the thought came back... "That cock must be at least eight inches when it's all outside... and it issooo fucking thick already.." Barbara could not sit still any longer... She got up from the chair and walked closer to the window, she had to seethis closer... The Dane saw her first, and he jumped away from behind Chico. He moved afew steps out on the lawn, stopped and looked at her. His eyes was big andBarbar felt a warmth inside of her while looking the large dog in hiseyes.. A sort of contact was established between them... The Collie saw Barbara now and she tried to jump foreward, but shecouldn't. The large Chico on top of her had his cock burried inside of her his cockhad now locked up so there was no way back for them... Chico also saw Barbara now and he got off the bitch's back, but againstbut, they stood there tied together by the dog's cock. Their tails were to the side and Barbara couls see a little of the dog cockburried inside the bitch... Barbara kept on stroking herself, while standing at the window, watchingthese dogs fucking on her lawn. This was the most exciting and horny thing she had ever seen.... She hadher legs wide apart and she was rubbing her clit hard... close to herorgasm... Looking at the dogs, and the Dane. He went towards the gate, butcame back after finding it closed now.... It was about ten minutes later that Chico was ale to get his cock out ofthe Collie's tight pussy... He went to the side and layed daown and startedto lick his cock. The bitch, still standing there, with her tail to the side. The Dane movedin behind her and stuck his nose under her tail... The bitch did not movewhile he started licking her.. Barbara could see some of Chico's juice andthe Dane licked it eagerly with his large tongue.... Now the Dane's cock grew larger too. He got more excited and started movingarouund the Collie. She just stood there and let him do what he wanted... "She must be sooo hooot and hooorny for cock," Barbara thought. She rubbedherself hard now and she was just at the edge when she saw the Dane behindthe bitch, trying to miunt her... But the Collie was too small for him...He stood over her, hunping his cock against her back, but his cock was wayabove the hot bitch's pussy. "He can't get his cock low enough... Oh! my God I'm cooooming.... It's sooogoood.." Barbara was yelling now and her fingers got flooded by her pussyjuices when she came... Her orgasm was sooo strong that she had to get onher knees on the floor while thw orgasm rushed through her body. She stilllooked outside at the Dane trying to mount the bitch, but it was impossiblefor him... "Ooooh! He needs a pussy... His cock is sooo beautifully hard and big..."Barbara was thinking about it all the time while her body was trembling inorgasm... There was a door from the family room leading right out to the backyard. Barbara opened it all the way, but stayed inside... There was a tall fencearound the yard so nobody could see in from the outside... The dogs looked at the door, they started running around again. Now Chicowas running, too. They constantly looked over toward her standing in thedoorway. "Chico... Come here boy.." she called softely... The German Shepherd stopped and looked at her. He knew her from some timeback. She had met him when her and Pete was at his house for a party. Sheremmbered he was very friendly and liked to be petted. "Here, Chico. Come to me you good dog.." she spoke sftely and crotched downin the doorway. Chico moved closer every minute, and he finally came up to her. He sniffedat her hand... "Yes, smell my pussy juice boy..." she said. Letting him lick her fingers. The other two dogs also got curious and came closer. Barbara moved furtherinside the room and Chico followed her willingly. While squatting down onthe floor, Barbara started to pet him while waiting for the Dane and theCollie to come in. And they did, finally come inside. Barbara stood up, moved slowely towards the door and closed it quietly. The family room was very large and it had a large open area over by thefire place. Barbara moved over there and sat on the floor. Agian she calledChico over to her. He started licking her face and fingers and he alsosniffed at her robe, hanging loose over her body. "Yeaah. Goood booy, Chico... Like the smell??" Barbara could feel thejuices flowing in her pussy again.... Opening her robe, she let the dog lick her upper body and her breasts. Itgave her goose bumps to feel his warm and wet tongue on her body.... She was in heat now, like the bitch in the same room. The Collie wasrunning around in the room with the Dane after her, his nose under her tailnow.. From time to time, they came over and sniffed at Barbara. Barbara spread her legs a little to see what Chico would do. He keptlicking her upper body and was not too interested in her crotch! "Come on Chico, I have a hot little cunt down there. It loves to belicked... and fucked, by large cocks.." she got hotter by the moment. The bitch was now standing in the middle of theroom, the Dane licking herpussy juices again. Now Chico went over there.... The Dane moved away alittle and let Chico put his nose at the Collie's pussy, licking her wetly. Barbara felt dissapointed.. Her pussy was all wet, but the dogs preferredthe bitch over her. "Bitch..! I m a bitch, too. I am a horny bitch and I need a cock..." shespoke out, moving towards the dogs. She got close up behind the Collie... The males moved willingly away andlet her get all up to the dog pussy in front of her... She could see howswollen it was and it was all wet from being in heat... "Maybe I don't smell like her..." she thought, sticking her nose all up tothe pussy.. It smelled sweet and warm. She stuck her tongue out licked atthe juices... Barbara liked the taste... she licked again, and the bitchstood still while the woman licked her pussy for a while. Barbara was on her hands and knees behind the bitch, her robe was coveringher body... Barbara got up and removed her robe all the way, she was now as naked asthe dogs... She shievered of excitement and she felt very horny now. She got on her hands and knees again, now moving around next to the dogbitch... When the dog stopped, Barbara was under her tail and sniffed andlicked at her pussy. "You are as horny as I am... you bitch.. You should share some of thesecocks with me..." Barbara spoke out loud, her lips was shiny from the dog'spussy juice. An idean formed in her mind... "I don't smell like a DOG-bitch.... Maybe that's what's wrong.." shethought. The males were still mostely interested in the Collie. Barbara put her fingers at the bitch's pussy, she played with pussy lipsand inserted them a little. It was warm and juicy, her fingers got alljuicy now. The bitch liked her fingers, because she put her tail to theside and fucked against her fingers... Two fingers went deeper inside thedog pussy, all the way in, and the bitch fucked harder against Barbara'sstroking fingers... "You fucking horny bitch..... You'd fuck anything, wouldn't you? Barbarasaid to the bitch, standing there with her tongue hanging out. The male dogs were also very interested now. Chico seemd to be the dominantone again, and when Barbara pulled her fingers out, he starting lapping atpussy again, wildely. The Collie now with her tail all to the side. Expsingher horny pussy to Chico, wagging her hips and looking back at him. Chicogot more excited now and Barbara looked uder his belly to find some of hiscock outside again. It was wet, and now when she was close, she could seedrops of precum on the tip. While looking at it she was still on her knees, feeling very horny, and shestuck her juicy finger between her pussy lips. She smeared the juices fromthe Collie's pussy on her own lussy lips. Feeling hotter for the minute. Her eyes were glued at Chico's cock in front of her... "It is such a lovely cock, Chico.... It must be goood to feel it inside apussy. I think I am jalous at the bitch in front of you..." she said. Suddenly she felt something on her bare ass.... The Dane.... Behind her, he was sniffing her now. Barbara felt more juicesflow to her pussy... "He is smelling the hot juices from the dog pussy..." she thought. Gettingmore excited she wagged her hips for the Dane. Behind her the huge dogstarted sniffing her all over her ass, his tongue leaped out and licked thecrack of her ass... It sent shivers through her body. The Dane sniffed atthe trembling ass in front of him, he licked her ass again and let thetongue stroke from her pussy and up through the crack. "He must think I am a dog-bitch in heat.." Barbara thoguht, happily lettinghim do what he wanted. In fron of her, Chico was still licking the bitch's pussy.. Barbara looked at his cock again and she let her fingers touch it, lightlyfirst, and then she grabbed the tip of it with her hand.... Chico humpedimmediately against her hand and his cock got harder and longer... Barbarawas so excited no, the Dane licking her from behind and the large dpg cockin front of her. She moved closer to Chico, her head was under his bellyand her hand holding his growing cock... It was wet and juices weredripping form the tip.. "Ooooh! Chico. Your cock is so hard now, and juicy. I have to taste yourprecum..." she stunned and riched out with her tongue. It touched the tipof his cock and ip jumped immediately and grew bigger. Barbara tasted theprecum... "Sooo sweet it is... And warm..." she stunned... The Dane was all excited now and when Barbara looked back quickly, shecould see his huge cock opartially extended from it's sheet. The Dane movedback and forth, testing Barbara like he would test a dog bitch. And Barbarawas all ready for him... She kept licking at Chico's cock in front of her.It was growing big and Chico was now fucking her hand, holding his cockfirmly. Chico had forgotten the dog botch now... He was only enjoyinh thelovely feelings in his cock... Behind Barbara, the Dane tried to mount her, but it didn't wotk... He wstoo tall for her, too. Just like the Collie, Barbara was not tall enoughfor the huge dog... Now Barbara was getting desperate for cock... "Come on, fuck me dog. Fuck my hot pussy..." she turned around, facing theDane. She got under his belly and grabbed his hard cock... Juices weredripping form it, flowing from it now. She pit her lips around the tip...The Dane started humping crazely against her lips.... And then, behind her,Chico started licking her ass now... He was all excited and startedtesteing her at once... "Chico, fuck me... I need your huge cock inside my cunt..." she wagged herass again, still with the Danes cock between her lips. She now startedstroking his cock hard with her hand, and the Dane fucked against it, hiscock now all the way out and growing quickly.... The cock stroke deeperinside her mouth and she started sucking at it, too. The Dane went crazynow, he had not been able to get his cock off. This treatment sent himorbiting and fuckin Barbara's mouth harder by the minute.... His cock was so big now, it filled her mouth completely, and only half ofit was inside. The rest of it, Barbara kept on stroking with her hand..harder and harder... Behind her Chico started mounting her... Her knees far apart, Barbara gotready for the fuck of her life.... "Yes, Chico... That's it.. You can do it. My pussy needs your cock juicesto cool off now..." she said and grabbed the Dane's cock with hr mouthagain. Chico, on top of her ass, his forelegs firmly grabbing around her waste.The large dog positioned himself behind her and suddenly, Barbara couldfeel soemting warm touching her thig.... The cock.... She got sooo excitedshe sucked harder on the Dane cock in her mouth. Chico started humping and feeling with his cock to find Barbara's wetpussy. He fucked back and forth, but kept on missing... Barbara, desperatenow, took her hand off the Dane's cock. Reached between her legs andgrabbed Chico's cock... Chico jumped at the touched and his cock hit upbetween Barbara's ass cheeks... Eagerly she guided his cock to her pussylips. As soon as Chico felt the warmth from her pussy he fucked forewardwith several hard fucks... Barbara's hand could feel the bumpy, rock hardcock slide between her fingers and a little inside her pussy. She felt allover the cock behind her and felt the huge juicy cock skiding eagerlybetween her fingers. She let go of the cock and grabbed the Dane's cockagain, stroking and sucking it... Chico fucked harder now and he managed to get more of his cock inside ofBarbara's pussy... Deeper and deeper it went and Barbara started to get alldizzy from the heat rushing through her body. The Shepherd's cock was now all the way inside her grasping pussy, and itgreww alrger by the second... filling Barbara's pussy all the way. Chiconow was stroking her very hard, and his cock was hitting all the way in theback wall of Barbara's hungry pussy... His cock grew, and grew, forcing herpussy lips apart. Barbara could feel some pain, but there was no way backnow... She was panting with her mouth wide open now, stroking the Dane's cock withher hand, his cock fully erect and huge.... "Ohhh, I wonder if I can take your cock in my pussy, too.' she said to theDane, looking at his dripping, jerking monster cock fucking her hand... Chico's cock filling her pussy was now spasming and jerking inside her andshe knew they all were at the brink of an enormous orgasm.... "Fuck me haaard.... Chico. Ohhh yeah! Like that, all the way in the bottomof my hungry cunt..." she screamed and went over the edge... her bodyshaking and her pussy grasping hard around the dog cock deep inside herpussy... Chico felt her pussy muscle around his cock, the huge knot at thebase of his cock was now firmly locked inside this horny orgasming pussy hewas fucking so hard... His cock jerked and jerked and he finally started tocome with Barbara's spasming cunt. The huge dog's semen squirted inside herpussy, she could feel the warmth from it it sent her further to a secondorgasm... In front of her the enormous Dane's cock was jerking in her handand as she looked it, it started to come, too. Thick juice squirted out andwith her hend, she aimed it at her face. The second shot hit her face, andanother one, and again and again the Dane's cock came over Barbara's face,thick jism running down onto her lips and she licked it eagerly with hertongue..... Chico was locked into her pussy and tried to get off, but he could not gethis cock out of Barbara's spasming pussy muscles... By the thought of thehard dog cock locked inside her cunt, Barbara had several orgasms runningthrough her body.... Juices, mixed with the dog cum run out on the side ofthe dog cock and down the back of her thighs.. Several minutes later, Chico's cock started to relaxe and Barbara's pussylet up on the grab of his cock... It finally slid out and Chico jumped offher back. Barbara fell to the floor, totally exhausted... The male dogslicking their cocks clean was laying next to her... The Collie had beenwatching curiously all the time... she now stood by the door and whined alittle... Barbara was able to get her self together and got up from the floor... Shewent over to the door and opened it... She went outside and opened the gate, too. Then she returned to the houseand went upstairs, still all naked. A few minutes later, she saw the three dogs running through the gate andout into the street.... "Oh my God.... What a mess down here" Barbara felt juices and dog cumrunning from her pussy and doen the inside of her thighsand her face wasall sticky with the cum from the Daen... Barbara went and locked the gate and the door... She lay down on the coutchand started thinking back of what had happened.... "What will Pete say... Should I tell him?" she wondered... Barbara fixed herself and the rest of that day went thinking of what todo.... ................ "Babe, what a story.." I looked at her face... Held her tighter. I grabbedher hand and put it in my crotch.. My cock was rock hard and Barbarastarted squeezing it with her hand... She knew she had done the right thing by telling me... This started a new dimmension in our life and our sex life went beyond allimaginations... I have written several books about our sex life and maybe I'll post somemore of it here.....========================================================================NixPix Windy City (the Midwest) 708 564 1754NixPix Central (the original Nick) 303 920 1263NixPix Sweden 011 46 40 110590NixPix Austria 011 43 7719 8871NixPix Finland 011 358 0 298 3390Remember -- fun and communication is what we're all about!==========================================================================
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