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Just a quick story of what actually happened a few weeks ago... A few details have been changed to protect the guilty (imagine one of those black rectangles over my dog’s eyes to protect him from being recognized by the Rotty down the street )Thanks in advance for any feedback. WispMy ex and I were in a State Park on a camping vacation, and I of course took my dog Jay with me, as he does everything with me. My ex was not a big fan of dogs, she claimed that she liked them when we first got together, fawning over Jay with “oh, your such a BIG boy!” (which always gets my attention because that’s what I say to him, too, especially during sex ) but then later she said that dogs should probably not be in the house, because they smell, etc. – thus the recent addition of ‘ex’ whenever I describe her... )Anyway, we came back to the campsite just before dusk after a day at the beach, and I took the dog for a walk while my ex started to read and fell into a nap. We went walking off the end of the camping area where they had some composting and utility vehicles and stuff along this big, overgrown field. Jay and I explored around the field, him following the little rabbit trails through the weeds, me cutting across through the wet grass, reaching a forest on the other side. I pushed into the forest, and found it was a little semi-dry creek bed with lots of exposed stones, etc. I noticed how dark and isolated it was, nothing but the sounds of night hawks, buzzes of insects, and the distant sounds of camping (throb of a stereo, chopping of wood). There was a constant fog of mosquitoes around Jay and I, which was worse in the damp forest undergrowth. Jay was up ahead following the creek scents, and I looked at him, slightly muddy, silhouetted in the dim semi-dusk light, actively tracking whatever the hell it was he was tracking, looking back at me to figure out which way I wanted us to go next, shaking his head on occasion to dislodge the mozzies for a second of relief. He tilted his head, twitched his ear. Then it hit me. I wanted Jay to screw me, right there, right then. NOW. Already there was no turning back. I needed this. It was just a matter of making it happen as safely as possible. I had to be careful, as there were a lot of people in the park, and it was pretty hard to tell if I was in sight if anyone ever did go by. It was dark, but I found a spot slightly deeper in that was covered on all sides by deep brush. I called Jay over.I should explain about Jay: He's a German Shepherd, and that breed is actually a great size for a dog, not too big, but definitely not small either. About 90lbs of ‘furry fury’, and a pretty regular lover of mine over the last few years. He screws me a few times a week, basically whenever he asks me and I have time (or a lack of company, anyway). The one bad thing is that he rarely ties with me. The last time he did he was young and impatient, and he tore out of me when he felt trapped, hurting himself, I think, and definitely hurting me and since then he's been scared to tie with me. He still screws me, fast and furiously, but jumps off when he's done ejaculating and before he can grow to his full tie size, which actually works out okay most of the time, as he’s quick, though I do miss that full feeling of a tie. Unfortunately, Jay and I hadn’t had much time for sex while camping that week, as neither of us are great at keeping quiet during sex, so the tent didn’t work out. Also, my ex was there and she was not “in the know”, and it didn’t look like she was going to get “in the know” anyway, as she was obviously not the dog person I was expecting when we met… Anyway, where was I? Oh ya, so I called him over, and he sniffs around me not sure why I called him (did I find a cool scent?) then I dropped my shorts to my ankles and patted my ass to let him lick me, his favourite foreplay. Well, you could just see him perk right up with a "Holy s#$%! You mean here?! now?!" kind of look. Animals can’t consent? Just try to stop him after I said a gentle “yes.” to his questioning look…He was quickly lapping away at me, almost manic, sometimes forgetting to watch his teeth as he nipped my skin near my ass. Oh, ow, yes! that was nice. I sooo missed him this week… I did another scan around just as he jumped up and did a preliminary 'light hump' on me, which he does sometimes (he thrusts against me, and jumps down as he does a quick spray of precum either in me or on me.) He then took a couple more laps at me, and then he jumped up again... He slammed full length into my ass in the first stroke, which is always a great feeling. I didn't use any lube (I don't usually) as he does a pretty good job of getting me ready with the licks. He was ploughing into me with that 'personal vibrator' rhythm that only dogs can do of a couple thrusts of pink a second. If you have not seen this get thyself over to the homemade male movie section (I personally like Horsedan’s work) and watch the way they work you. It's okay... I'll wait for you to get back... :-)Then I felt it: He was getting super hard, and super big, and he was not pulling out. Something about the fresh air, the time of day (he gets horny in the evenings), the sheer novelty of taking me ‘in the wild’ in this little glen, or just the fact that it had been longer than usual since he last filled me with cum, was enough to push him into tying with me. I was so happy, I could have cried, I didn't realize how much I missed it.It of course felt incredible, a very full feeling that for me anyway had no pain, but all gain! He licked my neck, and wrapped his front paws around me until they were both sitting on my inner thighs beside my dick. I could tell he started to cum, his thrusts became erratic and he was smelling me, which he always does when he comes. He stopped pumping and went limp for a second (except for that rigid penis of his rammed way up my ass, of course) and then slouched off me to my right, where he stood beside me. This is the point at which I had to be careful -- his knot is sortof like a couple of limes rigidly attached to a big fat penis with a bone in it, and the combined size of all three CANNOT be pulled out without a lot of pain or damage (trust me – it hurts for days, and that’s if you’re lucky). I was stuck there for a while now, and I just had to convince Jay that it was okay to be trapped with me again. Bloody shepherds are smart, and remember stuff. I was hoping he didn’t remember this as a Bad Thing, and thus decide to run for it. What was I thinking having sex with him in the open like this?! I swore I’d only do it in a small, enclosed place where I could control him… I put an arm over his back, and my other arm reached back to hold his leg that was lifted slightly off the ground. I was able to keep him calm like that – he was remarkably calm, actually, I guess he matured or something -- and so we both got back to the business of enjoying the experience of being attached so intimately. It's really quite amazing to be one in this way with a dog -- you really are one, and your fate is tied to each other totally. I hear people saying this, but it’s hard to convey until it happens, especially if your dog truly loves you: You and him (or her, I guess) are having that primitive motive, just ‘please make me feel good’, and you’re just so stuck with this other being, both bathing in the pleasure the other gives. But stuck. If someone walked up then we would have been so (pardon the pun) screwed. I looked over at him -- his size is really just perfect as he was just a bit taller than me, so I hang rather well from his dick while we stand side by side like this -- and he was obviously very happy at being with me, or at being one with me, his tongue lolling out and his eyes with a glazed "I'm in a happy place" look. He saw me looking at him and gently licked my ear as I said the most honest and heartfelt "good boy" I have said to him ever, I think.It was around this time I realized I forgot that I was in a very mosquito infested woods, with lots of my skin showing. Except for my knees that were in the mud, I was covered with barely visible brown spots. Mozzies. I then also realized that I really didn't care. I started lots of half-hearted attempts to brush them away while I bathed in the feeling of that big, pulsating dick up my ass. My own dick was leaking huge amounts of precum from that wonderful prostate pressure, and after about fifteen minutes or so I decided I couldn't take the suspense anymore and started to jerk myself off. When I came, I sent jet after jet far across the ground, it was an incredible feeling (again) enhanced by having my ass and prostate crush that lovely knot with every pulse of my cum. I (again) almost cried in joy at the feeling. Jay was obviously enjoying the squeezes it was giving him as well… I could feel him pulsing inside me…I then (unlike Bush J) started to wonder about an exit strategy, as it was getting late (I couldn’t read my watch now, but it was over thirty minutes) and my ex might come looking for me. I realized that if he pulled out now, my shorts -- which were still on around my ankles -- would likely get messed up with dog spooge when (if?) he pops out of me, so I tried to get a shoe and my shorts off one leg so I could pull them to the side. That's actually not easy to do while holding onto a sinewy, muscular dog who was starting to get back to his urge to hunt rabbits, while also having said muscular dog’s big wet dick up your tight ass, and while a cloud of mosquitoes feast on you, and, finally, while the whole time you're watching hoping that no-one's coming... It's a bit of a challenge that I think should be added to the Olympics... :-) Anyway, I got the shoe and shorts off the one leg, then thought, "I hear that some dogs last forty minutes. I can’t wait that long!"I started trying to push out the knot, which got Jay a bit more nervous, but I held onto him while I tried. Once I got one side of the knot partly out, but it all slipped back in again. I think that felt good to Jay as he seemed to get larger at that point not smaller. Sigh. I was turning red with the force of pushing, and gave up for a few minutes. I then regrouped and gave it another try. I got one side partly out, then, "pop!" the whole thing was out along with a puddle of cum. Jay went to work cleaning himself up while I quickly got clothes back on and looked around. I called him over and gave him a warm hug, telling him that THAT was the best screw he ever gave me.Unlike the way a lot of these stories end, I was not seen by anyone -- as far as I know. But they had a naturalist on staff the next day who was talking about how she was out looking for nocturnal animals last night, and I’m pretty sure I was just being paranoid, but it seemed like she held eye contact with me a bit more than the other campers whenever she said that she thought she saw some coyotes, smiling oh-so-sweetly. Hmmm. Wonder if she likes dogs…
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