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Just a little something I wrote in the last hour, hope you enjoy it! Steph's StallionSteph originally bought Pepper to show him in the local and regional Miniature Horse shows. He was a handsome bay stallion with a cute star and snip, relatively short at 29" he was extremely intelligent and quickly learned to lead and stand properly for halter classes. He enjoyed jumping training as well, having perfect form over the jumps and it wasn't too long before they were in the ribbons in local shows. However Pepper was always protective of Steph, oftentimes flattening his ears and baring his teeth to male friends of hers. She never paid too much attention to it, generally verbally scolding him for being mean, until one day when she was working in his pasture trying to clear out some of the purple thistle which was trying to take over. The day was hot as usual for summer days in the area so she was wearing a tank top and a knee high skirt, not bothering for undies or a bra to make her more hot and sweaty than she needed to be. Moving around in booted feet, often bent over at the waist and squatting to pull out the stubborn thistle she heard a loud snort behind her to the side. Thinking that Pepper might have found a snake or similar varmint again she turned to see what he was concerned about. The thing was he was looking straight at her, neck arched, tail straight up, ears towards her and nostrils flared. She looked at him oddly before noticing his ebony member finish slipping out of his sheath. "Pepper!" She admonished him and waved some thistle she had cut already at him to shoo him away. He tossed his head, bucked, and trotted in a circle, snorting with every breath. Steph smiled despite herself, he was a magnificent creature, she chuckled to herself before turning back to her appointed task at hand. After a few moments she felt a light nip on her thigh, she jumped at the unexpected nip and lightly flicked her finger at Pepper's muzzle before he could jump away, "bad Pepper!" Pepper snorted again and curled his upper lip up in a Flechman response, his stallionhood getting stiff with his arousal. Steph's pussy was starting to get hot and juicy just at the sight of Pepper's impressive member that she had a great view of. Steph shook her head, no this was definately wrong and she shouldn't be thinking these things. Once more she turned back to the daunting task of clearing out the purple thistle. A few moments later an inquisitive muzzle tickled her pussy lips, before she could admonish him again he gave her a lick from her clit to her crack. Steph immediately, and subconciously, fell to all fours before him, her eyes closed she sighed as a shudder of pleasure enveloped her. She spread her legs for his exploring tongue, at the moment not thinking of what was happening to her but glad that her property was shielded by trees from other viewers. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body until Pepper stopped licking her and took his muzzle from her exposed rear, she sighed in both pleasure and longing. Her longing didn't have to wait long as shortly afterwards Pepper mounted her gracefully. He was careful to put his forelegs carefully in front of her legs and not hurt her. A few practice strokes and he hit her sweet spot, sliding half-way in. Steph gasped as he stretched her beyond what she thought possible but it felt sooooo good to be filled by his stallionhood. With every stroke he buried more of his member into her until he was almost completely in and banging away at her womb. After several minutes he emptied himself into her and slowly pulled out. Steph stayed on all fours for a few moments later trying to catch her breath as his jism slowly seeped out of her. Once she caught her breath she turned around and kissed her stallion before leaning under him and licking his gleaming cock clean of their juices. As she was licking him clean he was gently grooming her back. Once done with her cleanup job she scratched his chest like he likes it and praised him heavily. She kissed his muzzle again, thinking about the show next day and what a treat she'd give him afterwards.
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