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I met Kenny at a party I went to a few months back. I'd only gone at the last minute because I'm so shy I usually just sit in the corner all night, which is never fun. But something niggled in my gut, so I thought "what they hey, you can sit at home and do nothing or you can go to the party and do nothing". At the very least I could observe people for my psych class.I didn't dress up all that much, just a nice tee and jeans. I did decide to swipe some eyeshadow over my eyelids, and put on some gloss but that was about it. Its not that I'm not pretty, I sort of am, not hugely beautiful, but not ugly either. I have some weight on, which I feel self-conscious about being surrounded by all these supermodel looking women. Well, they can starve and vomit to stay a size 2! Its not that I'm huge, I just look it next to them.Anyway, I'd been at the party for about an hour when a few guys turned up. One of them was Kenny. I only noticed him a little later when I felt him staring at me. When I turned around he smiled; I blushed and quickly looked away. No-one had ever noticed me before. It was horrible to admit that at 23 I was still a virgin, hadn't even been on a date yet, so I was a little embarrassed. That didn't seem to deter Kenny because within 15 minutes he was beside me and talking to me. I felt awkward, but not for long, he has such a natural way with him, it was easy to talk with him.He was an outgoing guy a little older than me, and really attractive. Several of the women tried to get his attention, but he seemed to have eyes only for me. I thought I was imagining things, but then at the end of the night, he offered to walk me home (a few streets away) and when we got to my door, he asked for my number and if we could go out sometime. Talk about shocked! I quickly agreed and arranged a date for the following saturday.For 5 months Kenny and I had been seeing each other as much as possible and I've started to come out of my shell a little. I'm still a little amazed that he wants to be with me, but hey. One thing I did notice was that he never bugged me for sex. We would cuddle and kiss and walk hand in hand, but he never pushed me that way. And whenever we went anywhere, Max, his german shephard would always come along. He would joke saying "love me love my dog". I would laugh but never really took it seriously until the other night. We were sitting on the couch at his place, watching a dvd and eating pizza. I had started to feel light headed and giggly. Kenny told me he had put some vodka into my coke to relax me. He started stroking my hair and kissing me quite gently, and then it got really passionate. He put his hand under my top and began to play with my left nipple through my bra. That really started to excite me and I didn't mind at all. I was really getting into it and pushed Kenny's hand down to my jeans. He began to massage my crotch and it was so nice I spread my legs and began to push my hips up. It seemed to happen slowly, but also fast, that I found myself naked next to him, yet he was still dressed. He had a finger inside my pussy, playing with my clit and I was breathing funny. I'd never done this with anyone before but it seemed so right.Kenny looked into my eyes and said he wanted me to do something for him, he wanted me to let Max sniff my pussy. I felt so shocked, but unable to move, I just layed there not saying anything and feeling quite dreamy. Kenny took this as my agreeing to his request, so he called Max over and spread my legs wide for me so Max could get in there and have a really good sniff. I felt his wet nose bump against my thigh, then up against my pussy lips. I didn't want this to happen, but I was unable to stop it. The next thing I knew Max was licking my pussy, his long, wet tongue was slipping inside the slit and swiping against my clit. Man, that sent some kind of electric shock through me! I didn't want a dog doing this, but at the same time it felt great. Max was beginning to really get into it and i could hear a slight moan escaping my mouth. Kenny sat next to me and gently squeezed my nipples. He had one arm behind my shoulder and was kissing me on the forehead and mouth. It really did feel so good. I wondered if it would feel this great with Kenny doing it.Max was beginning to get very excited. Kenny told him to sit and he did so right between my legs. Kenny then began to play with my clit and I felt this feeling welling up in my crotch. I had masturbated before, but someone it was more intense with Kenny doing it."You like that don't you? It feel good? Better than when you do it?" Kenny was asking in a low voice. "That's because Max was licking you, everything is so much more intense with a dog, here let me show you" Kenny then moved onto the floor and positioned me on my tummy. He pushed my legs up so my arse was in the air and my legs wide spread. He began to play with my clit again and it felt awesome. Then he called Max over. Max was once again between my legs licking me, this time going deeper and into my arse and everything. It felt like sheer bliss. Kenny was holding my hips up and talking to me. "You like it don't you? Max is awesome. I only ever have a girlfriend if she fucks Max cause I don't fuck her. Max has all the girls, if I want it I'll find someone for a one night stand, but my girls always do Max."I couldn't think what that meant, all I could do was feel this amazingly good feeling going on at my groin. The next thing I knew, Max was up on my back and his cock was probing against my pussy. kenny guided him into me with one hand and then I felt Max slam home inside me. I gave a groan because I was still a virgin and it hurt, but that quickly went away when I felt this warm glow begin taking me over. Max was humping me and having a good time it seemed. I was enjoying myself even though it had been against my will to start with.My head was beginning to clear and part of me was grossed out at the thought of what I was being made to do by someone I loved. But most of me was feeling incredibly hot and horny. As I started to recover from whatever Kenny had slipped me (it certainly wasn't vodka!), I began to thrust my hips back to meet Max's cock coming thrusting in me. Suddenly, there was an almight push and I felt something huge begin to grow inside me. It was stretching my pussy out and it hurt, but it was also really pleasurable. The next thing I know I was screaming from sheer bliss. Max thrust inside me for about 10 minutes more then went very still. He slumped on my back and felt quite heavy but all I could do was stay there and enjoy feeling him stuck inside me. I looked up and saw Kenny stroking his cock and moaning.Kenny held me for a long time so I could recover from what had happened. Later on, Max and I fucked twice more that night. Kenny told me he had been into this since he was a little boy and what got him hotter than hell was seeing a woman being taken on all fours by a dog. He said he knew the instant he saw me that I was the one. I thought for quite awhile about what Kenny was saying, that he wanted to be in a relationship with me, to get me all hot and horny, but then Max would be the one to have me. Eventually I agreed and kenny and I have been together for 2 years now. I've moved into his place so we can be together all the time. We are so compatable in many ways, its really strange. About once a month Kenny will go to a party somehwere and have a casual fuck with a woman he hardly knows, about twice a week I will give him oral sex, and at least 4 times a night Max and I will fuck. We really love long weekends because then Max and I will do it almost 20 times over the whole weekend.
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