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My wife took the summer off work and lately I have noticed that her and our Lab "Max" are closer in their relationship.It's a beautiful fall day so the three of us are off in the boat to a secluded cove where we like to get a few hot rays of sunshine without having to worry about wearing our suits. We have a favorite spot that overlooks the cove, where we can see if anyone is coming before they see us.After going ashore and getting all set up, my wife wants to get some rays, so her and Max lay down, he snuggles in nice and close, I am off for a brief walk.A beautiful view looking over the bay and over to my left to my amazment Max is doing my wife. He is lapping away at her pussy, her legs are up and spread wide open. Max is eating my wife. I can't help but stay in one spot enjoying the sight and watch as she cums. She quiets Max down after a bit and they settle back to get more rays. Time for me to go back and see what I can get into.I lay down beside her and after a short time I start to carress her nipples, sliding my hand down to her shaven pussy. A brief moment later my wife then gets on her knees and starts sucking my cock and within a few moments I notice that Max is closely watching, wanting to get into the show. I watch Max move in and start licking my wifes pussy. She's a bit startled and attempts to stop him but I motion for her not to worry. She is now getting into it and I have noticed that Max's cock is protruding from his sheath.Max starts to dry hump her looking for his spot and she is paying more attention to him and I am getting the show of my life. She stops and and reaches into her bag to get some socks to avoid getting all scratched. Max knows what to expect as he holds out each paw as she presents each sock.My wife starts to cuddle and pat Max getting him to lie down as she is stroking his cock from its sheath. Now she gets back on her knees, her face is just above my cock and Max has mounted her, she grabs for the knot and is holding his cock so he can slip into her cunt.She's off, being f***** by our family pet and sucking my cock like there is no tomorrow. When she cums, if there was a boat within a mile I am sure they would have heard her. They lay locked together for a while, all three of us are worn out, but I want more yet, I'll just have to wait a few minutes, before I get my f***.She tells me she wasn't sure how I was going to accept this situation, now I understand why she has been closer to Max during the summer months. She tells me it started very innocently, when she was laying on the lounge in the back yard, Max started sniffing her cunt under her suit. Max had her going very quickly, she said her first orgasm was fantastic and after that she didn't let Max out of her sight and took the time to train him the way she wanted it. It was a while before she let him mount her, but she did say she knew how to get him to lay still in one spot for quite a period of time, when she gently played with his cock and was soon giving him a blow job, like she liked to do to me.Max was laying beside her, all worn out and wa motionless as I had my f***. This is going to be fun.Chucky1
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