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I put this story in the fantasy section because, for now, that's what it is. Hopefully in the next year or two it will be in the real life stories. Hope you like it, and of course, constructive criticism is more than welcome. It's been a month now since she's had her cria. The little one is growing like a weed, prancing and pronking like all young llamas. Mama llama looks like she's healed up pretty well after going through the ordeal of having a baby, so I think I'll see if she's up to some advances from me. She must have read my mind, for as I walked up to her, she turned her back towards me and raised her tail. She looked back at me as if to say "come on, I'm ready for you". Not one to look a gift horse, umm, llama in the mouth, I walked closer to her beautiful rear. She hadn't had her fiber cut this year since she was pregnant and I didn't want to put her through the stress of having a hair cut. Her hair was flowing down along her thighs and I ran my hands through it. It was so soft and long it started to make me want to cum before we even got started. I looked at her nice black llama lips and eased my hand towards them. I caressed those beautiful lips in my fingers and slowly put a finger into the warm, moist love tunnel. Mama llama backed up a little as though she could hardly wait. After fingering her a little, I decided to get a bit more personal and bent down to run my tongue over her sex. I licked the outer parts of her sweet smelling pussy, then stuck my tongue in between her lips to get at the lovely taste inside. She decided it was time to get to really having fun and laid down for me. I followed her pussy with my tongue as she laid down. As I licked her llama lips, she started getting really juicy. I didn't want to stop, but I had a raging hard on that needed to be taken care of. I slipped out of my clothes and laid down on top of her, slowing sliding my rock hard cock into her hot and juicy pussy. As I slid into her, she gave a little moan. The feeling of her pussy was almost indiscribable. It was so hot and tight, even after just having gotten over having a baby. I slowly slid in and out of her, trying to make our love making last as long as possible. Finally, I couldn't hold off much longer and started fucking her hard. She must have liked it that way, for she started making the noises llamas do when they're breeding. I gave one last push into her and started filling her pussy up with my cum. It felt like it was going to last forever, I don't think I've ever cum so hard. I collapsed on top of her with my cock still buried deep inside of her wet pussy. I could feel her pussy tightening up on my cock, milking all the juice out of it. I finally came to my senses enough to lick her hot cunt clean and put my clothes back on. After that, I gave her a little extra grain and sat with her watching her little one.
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