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This is my first story I have posted, so I hope you enjoy it! :: This story is real, just names and a few minor details have been changed for privacy reasons :: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - After going out with my girl Libby for 3 months I had learned very well how kinky she was, she was always keen for anything, she loved exploring our physical limits in sex that makes the Karma Sutra look tame . Our sexual appetites were getting more diverse and kinkier by the day so one night I decided to ‘pop the big question' no not getting married! but asking her about beastiality.I was shocked! After asking 'would you ever consider getting dirty with an animal?' her face lit up like she had wanted me to ask since we had been going out! With a cheeky little grin she replied slowly and shyly 'What?!... ahh.. I.. have always wanted to.. Try a horse' her cheeks flashing red. Being a good country girl she had grown up on a farm and witnessed her fathers horses mating, saying at a later date 'I have never felt so turned on watching the stallion take such control and dominance over the mare, his penis was so large, the ultimate symbol of power and fertility' she said clenching her thighs together. That’s my girl! I was so proud As we discussed the idea we were both thinking it would never happen, she did not want to let her father’s horses mount her because of her and their size. She was small for a girl her age and the horses her father had were bred for racing.. They were huge and very powerful. But Libby and I were so keen experiment with an animal, we did not want to give up.So I found some horse porn to boost her moral along and gave more thought towards smaller breeds, which there were plenty of in the area. As wet sat looking at the images on her laptop I was thinking 'Where can we go?' 'What paddock's are safe' I couldn’t think of anywhere really safe, I was feeling like it might never happen.. Then it hit me, you know the quote that goes a bit like 'its often the things that are right in front of you that are the hardest to see' or something like that anyway. Well my mind buzzed as I heard the padding noise of four large feet coming up the hallway and the sniffing of a nose at Libby's bedroom door. Diesel!! I shrieked.. That’s it! I turned to Libby and whispered what about Diesel? She looked at me with a blank face, ‘What about him?’ Well I have seen pictures on the internet of girls and dogs, why don’t you try Diesel? Diesel was Libby’s family pet, he was a very large male Irish Wolfhound with a dark coat that had an oil like character to it hence his name ‘Diesel’. Libby looked at me with a face of mixed emotions.. She looked dumbfounded that she hadn’t considered it before, she glanced at the door and said ‘but.. He’s my pet, I don’t love him like that’ her voice trailing off. I watched her as she considered what I just said, she looked at me and said ‘I haven’t thought of him like that before’ She stared at me for a while giving full thought to the idea, then her expression began to change to that face I always loved.. her dirty little grin that only I knew, that little grin she had when ever we tried something new. At that moment we knew exactly what the other was thinking, ‘Lets do it!’.Diesel was still at the door, wanting someone to pat him. Well today was his lucky day! What am I saying? Heck! Today is a lucky day for all three of us! I rushed to let Diesel in, the big dog barged through the door, greeting me he put his paws on my shoulders and gave me a big lick on my face. Excitedly he jogged to Libby and licked her too, then turned to rub his body down hers. Until then I had never really appreciated how large he was, as Libby struggled to stay on her feet, I noticed she was only about a foot taller than the dog. She grabbed him by the collar and gave him a loving hug and scratch which he loved, licking Libby’s neck with his large tongue. I could see Libby shuddering as I remembered how much she loved to be kissed there, every time I did she would shudder in arousal just like now.I crouched down beside her and asked her ‘so what do you think? You want to try it?’ Curiously she looked at her huge mass of a dog with an odd look on her face collecting his coat in one hand and scratching, she turned to me and said ‘Mum and Dad are going to the city for the weekend, they leave tonight, what are you doing? Looking at me with her big eyes glowing. I chuckled and gave an uncontrollable grin, beaming ear from ear I said ‘I guess I’m staying here’ and winked.Libby went downstairs to ask her parents when they will be gone, and to bring back some more chocolate ice-cream. Within the hour we were saying goodbye standing on the veranda watching her parent’s tail lights trail off into darkness. We rushed inside holding my hand she led me back to her room. ‘So are we actually doing this?’ she said excitedly. For the next hour we searched the net looking for pictures and advice. Every picture and testimony from beast lovers she saw the hornier she got. Her tight jeans were wet in the crotch and her pussy was swelling, making large bulge between her thighs. Finally we concluded on a game plan, she didn’t want to get knotted so we decided I would hold Diesel’s knot out, she said her 2 inch thick dildo was almost too big. We closed the web pages on her laptop and looked toward one-another my heart was racing I could feel the adrenalin rushing. Libby was obviously feeling it more than me, her face was flushed and her skin had a fine layer of sweat coating it. We had all the information we needed but we still didn’t know what to do, kind of like a deer in headlights we just stared at each other.Finally I moved getting up I called Diesel, he came in looking very happy. ‘Well where should we start’? She said. I shrugged, well you could get naked.Libby began with her white woolen jumper, grabbing it by the collar she lifted it up exposing her cute little belly then her pink shirt which was coming off with it, with one sweep she had her jumper and shirt in one hand. Her lacy bra made her breasts look amazing. Slowly she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down. This was always my favorite part of watching her get naked, it was the way she rocked her hips as she pulled her jeans down by the tags.. Sitting down on her desk chair she pulled away her jeans and flicked of her lacy panties. I always loved admiring her body, she had a body like I had never seen before. She was quite petite but was all in proportion. She wasn’t super-skinny, but she had a light layer of padding on her, her curves weren’t huge, just subtle and nice. Her breasts were b-cups but were very perky with perky nipples. Her pussy was always waxed and ready, it wasn’t too big or too small too flat or too fat, just nice.She sat down and called ‘Diesel, come ‘ere boy’ snapping me out of it, I realized I was just staring at her with a huge boner in my pants . Diesel trotted over to Libby and stuck his nose right into Libby’s pussy sniffing hard. She jumped, not expecting him to do that straight away. He began licking her pussy furiously like it was a bowl of whipped cream. Libby let out a whimper of satisfaction, biting her lip and rocking her pussy into Diesels face. I moved closer to see her pussy was getting very pink and swollen, Libby was leaning right back on her chair gasping and clenching the arm rests. Diesel moved back and finished licking Libby, he then sat on the floor and started licking his own penis which had started to protrude from his sheath while he was licking her. It now was sticking out about 6-7 inches it was bright red and was about 2-3 inches wide at the shaft. I told Libby to get under him, so she slid of the chair and got on the floor. Diesel jumped to his feet and started smelling Libby allover she grabbed his penis by the sheath and he instantly started making humping motions in the air and his penis came out completely, it was about 12 inches including the knot which was about the size of a mandarin. Libby got on all fours and Diesel instantly jumped on her and started dancing around behind her, his penis probing for her hole. After many failed attempts he began squirting watery cum on her bum and legs. Then he found her pussy and with a one huge thrust he inserted his entire penis in Libby’s tiny pussy. His knot began pumping in and out of her and I suddenly realized I need to stop the knot, so I grabbed it hard. It was like riding a bull, I kept loosing grip. The knot was getting bigger and bigger, with every pulse it grew. Suddenly when it was about the size of a baseball he thrusted as hard as he could, I lost grip and he forced his huge knot inside her. But it didn’t come back out. He knotted her! Instantly I could tell Libby was in agony, she let out a painful sigh. And asked ‘what happened?’ in a frantic voice. I just stared and watched her belly swell, I knew this was normal but I didn’t realize how big the lump would be. Diesel remained in place, towering over Libby’s small limp body. Both of them panting hard, I reassured Libby that she was alright, that her pussy was still in one piece (barely). But she wasn’t concerned. She started hyperventilating and her whole body started to convulse, she was groaning like I have never heard her before, she was almost crying as she screamed ‘Ooohhh, oohh aahhhhh!’ gasping then letting out a huge groaning sigh. Diesel began to move his body around. And Libby said ‘I think it’s coming out!’ Diesel straightened his legs pulling Libby up by his cock, she let out groan of utter pleasure. The knot was coming out, slowly it edged further outwards. Then with plop it came out followed by a wave of semen which flowed down her legs and dripped onto the carpet.Libby collapsed, and was breathing heavily her face was flushed and she had a look of complete ecstasy. Diesels penis hung down behind Libby still dripping cum, I could not believe Libby’s little body had ‘THAT’ in it! It was huge!, a lot bigger than before it went in, his knot was about the size of a grapefruit! Diesel backed up and began licking lusciously at Libby’s swollen red pussy, cleaning his cum off her ass and thighs. He sat down to lick his penis then left the room. Libby looked exhausted, but she managed to say that was the most intense orgasm of her life. For the next few minutes she just lay there with a crooked smile on her face. Too limp to move, I lifted her onto her bed where she recovered from her ordeal. Diesel’s cum continued to run out of her and onto her sheets.Libby went off to shower and wash her sheets, I got to clean the spills . Diesel helped too When Libby came back she was excited to see us both. I asked if she would do it again. She replied, fondling the dog. Tomorrow morning alright? She said with a very kinky look on her face.After that fateful night Libby took Diesels knot almost every day, last time I met her she had told me how she still does Diesel and even tried out a few stallions near her parents new farm. 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