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I'm just sitting at my computer checking my email before bed- just a little tank top and some white cotton panties... my shepherd Dakota laying under my desk - I rub his tummy with my feet ..... Dakota loves this making little whining noises he loves his belly rubbed - as move my bare foot across is soft fuzzy belly my foot runs into his towering erection that my belly rubbing caused.... as my curious foot moves back grazing the bottom of my foot over his now rock hard cock sending a sort of wave like pleasure blast from within my pussy up my spine and down my legs to my finger tips and toes, my little clit starts to feel swollen and warm - standing like a little erection in my panties - as i continue to tease him wtih my foot I'm growing increasingly wet, my white cotton panties are soaked - Suddenly Dakota sits up and noses his way between by legs- its like he smells my sex and he wants it - he knows theres and orgasm in there and he won't stop licking until i ask him too! He immediately just starts licking through my panties vigorously - he can smell the cum in my panties - he's licking so vigorously that my panties move to the side ocasionaly sending surges of delight though my already throbbing pussy...... I keep petting him on the head- good boy- you know what mama needs don't you baby -you know just what mama likes..... good boy dakota -I slip my panties off and lean back exposing my waxed smooth pussy dripping with cum - Dakota goes crazy licking my ass and I cum so hard... my entire body jolts with pleasure... Dakokta is so hard and I'm just dying to feel him throbbing in my hands.... I get down on the floor and wrap my hand around his shaft and just slightly squeeze- he throbs so hard and a little cum drizzles down onto the top of my hand ..... I just wanna make him feel what he makes me feel - as I lean down with my hand still around his shaft I take his cock into my mouth - he swells even bigger than he was before- I had no idea he could get this big..Dakota is standing at this point I take him out of my mouth and I crawl in front of him giving him my ass - he starts to lick me again like crazy - his cock is so big, and he's just dripping with cum, i push his nose away from me and leaned myself up on the chair- he came up right away and mounted me, I slipped him inside of me and he went wild - so wild humping my throbbing pussy with his rock cock- as hard and fast as he could- sending electric pulses up and down my spine I shoot cum out of my pussy ejaculating in an enormous orgasm- as he was swelling inside me his knot pressing against my g spot I'm still throbbing from my orgasm... just the slightest pressure to my clit sends my body back into slightly less intense versions of initial eruption............Dakota, baby you are such a good boy - oh baby boy, you know exactly how mama likes it...............
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