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This is a true story regarding my one and only encounter with bestiality, specifically a late-evening giggle-session that turned into a full demonstration by a good friend of how a dog could safely penetrate a woman. Although I was only an observer throughout the incident, it had a compelling effect on my fantasy life thereafter. I hope that my addition to this forum will be as informative and interesting to curious people such as myself, as well as reminding the seasoned hands how thrilling the idea of bestiality is even to the uninitiated. Although I will probably never act on these fantasies, they still propel me to deep ripples of pleasure at the thought of being filled to bursting, and then being unable to disengage until the force inside me was ready to do so… I hope that I don’t sound too predictably green, girly or vanilla for some of you… apologies to the all-action seekers in advance.***“No, you don’t… you’re just saying that!”I addressed the denim blur in front of the sofa, the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard and so long conspiring with the Malibu to render me temporarily half-blind. I could hear Tammy’s car door slam in the drive outside, and the motor fired up its perky little hum.Bottles of good French wine lay drained of their liquid contents next to cans of cheap own-brand larger. Still laughing incredulously, I reached around for the tell-tale white bottle, and poured another half-glass of coconut liqueur.“But, you know… do go on babes… I am all ears… and paws…” Sarah was streaming tears of laughter too, and started to cough big too-much-fun coughs. She fumbled in her denim top pocket for a cigarette.“It’s true Gemma…” the lighter emptied a week ago still being flicked with only the power of faith left to fuel it. “Not only do I know how a dog can mount a woman safely…” she drew a long puff, and paused for dramatic effect, “… but I have done it myself…” Her eyes locked onto mine in a believe-it-babes kind of way, and my aching grin relaxed partially as the booze cleared slightly in my mind, and I took on board what she was confessing to.“Really? I… I mean… really, really? For real? With… with Staphie?”“With Staphie, Gems… straight up babes… you want know how it’s done?”My heart jumped unexpectedly, and I felt my throat constrict with excitement. I could hear the blood rushing through my head, and a warm ripple work its way slowly through my body. I shuffled up into a kneeling position. Yes I wanted to know!Sarah smoked her cigarette and began describing how she had been having sex with her half-breed terrier, Staphie, for over a year. It had started with masturbation and the dog comming in and out of the room, and that had lead to encouraging the squat little animal to lick her as she played with herself. This in turn had lead to an obsession with his genitals, and after a stringent clean one grey Sunday afternoon, Sarah had taken the plunge and accepted him into her mouth for the first time. Staphie responded immediately with a ballooning, awkward-looking erection, far bigger than Sarah had expected, but he seemed happy enough so she continued with her mouth work. Then her second surprise of the afternoon:“No!” My breath caught in my throat with a squeak. “How much?”“Babes, it just kept coming out of him, a huge puddle on the carpet, you know, the red one? I had quite the eye-opener panic when it first started; he was still inside my mouth…”“What did it taste like?” My chest was heaving with the mental image of this pool of semen on the floor, my friend gagging into it the contents of her rudely shocked throat...“The usual, nice when warm, *bleargh* when cold… but so much more of it…”“God Sarah, you are so brave… when did you… you know… did he fill you tightly?” My muscles began to move as I imagined the size and width of the dog inside of me; I was quite embarrassingly aroused by the idea.“Good story behind this one…” Sarah pulled off the sleeve of her jacket, and rolled up her top to show me a white scar… “I guess I should have thought about the mechanics of the thing first… His claws are murder when he gets stuck in…”“Oh my God babes, what did you do?”“Nothing, I just held fast while her tore at my arms and lower back in his little f***-frenzy… I couldn’t get him off me because he had swelled up inside me… we were stuck together until he went limp again… a long time babes, even when you are enjoying the sensation…”“How…how did you get around it next time?”Sarah extinguished her dead cigarette, and drained her lipstick kissed glass. She paused for a moment, and the seemed to make up her mind. “Why don’t you see for yourself?”I went weak at knees, and suddenly had to pee really badly. The ringing excitement in my ears increased, and I managed a smile of yes-I-would-very-much-like-to-see-that-more-than-anything-else-right-now.Sarah grinned. “Why don’t you freshen up babes, and meet me upstairs in ten minutes?”I stumbled off to the toilet, half-drunk, half-giddy with expectation, fully aroused…I straightened myself in the mirror, and reapplied my lip gloss. A blast from the deodorant and a full attack from the hairbrush, and I was ready to see what my erotic desire now compelled me to encounter. Visions of puddles of dog semen flushed me red again as I made my way, stair by stair, towards the curious sounds emanating from the bedroom…Staphie was sat to attention on the double bed, his little front paws enveloped in an ingenious array of hiking socks secured at his knees with bicycle clips. His back legs were naked… I wondered why.Sarah was naked apart from a shawl around her shoulders and neck, and long socks up above her knees. I had seen her pretty body many times before, and really don't have a lesbian cell in my body, but tonight I was fascinated with the way she was preparing herself physically for Staphie. Her cunnie looked like she had applied a whole pot of vaseline to it, and her thighs glistened with lubricant.“Here Gemma, see for yourself babes…” Her hand stroked down Staphie’s expressive face, and shuffled him around on the bed to face me.I inhaled sharply. His… his cock was huge, the length of his belly and then some… where could he hide suck a mass of flesh inside of his square body?I was transfixed where I stood, the colours, the reds and the whites of Staphie’s erect penis twisted and blended as if not even a part of the rest of him. My eyes began to water involuntarily as I had not blinked for so long…I blinked, and Sarah’s curls appeared in my field of vision. The back of her head interrupted my view of Staphie’s cock, and my heart jumped into my throat with excitement. I stumbled round to get a side-view of that extraordinary cock inside my friend’s mouth… Ripples of desire and erotic aching filled my stomach and flowed out to my extremities. Sarah’s lips stretched and strained to accept her dog further into her body. I felt weak with lust.Sarah winked at me, and slowly withdrew her face from the animal. “See babes? Like I told you… amazing!” she moved round in her crouch, and spread her legs. Staphie looked very, very interested in her Brazilian wax job. Sarah lay back against a pile of pillows and pushed her knees up to her chest. Staphie shuffled forwards on the bed. My friend hooked her legs under her pet, and lifted him towards her hips. She trailed the shawl over her belly, and tucked it under her breasts.Without hesitation, Staphie lurched forward off the top of her legs and pushed his cock where it wanted to go. Sarah’s hands moved down, and guided the dog’s length into her. I could see her swollen cunnie protest and push back, and her face displayed the look of a determined masochist… Staphie’s stubby tail was in over drive, and his nose snuffled into the shawl. His front paws slipped effortlessly about Sarah’s waist, and his back legs still kept contact with her long socks.My concentration on the scene in front of me neglected even breathing, I gasped for breath as waves of dizziness spun my oxygen-starved mind.Then it happened. The most erotic sight I have even witnessed: Sarah leant back over the pillows, and Staphie’s back legs left contact with her legs… and he started to pump his hips furiously, like a swimmer underwater, or a machine designed for fucking… I nearly blacked out. I could see a huge bulbous swelling in his cock just outside of Sarah’s body… My mind reeled as to the imagined sensation of having that flesh inflate inside of mine…Sarah’s face was agony, but a glowing agony that I could easily identify with: the sort of pain wave that hits an orgasm ripple side on, intensifying both beyond normal levels of tolerance.Then she sat up, and eased her dog back onto her legs, then slowly out of her. I noticed for the first time that the bed was covered in black towels… and my mind moved faster than my eyes as the reason why…It flowed out of Sarah like a tap, and she quickly pushed Staphie’s still ejaculating cock downwards to avoid soaking her further. In a trance I watched my friend kneeling over a puddle of pearl semen that shone and glowed against the black towelling. For minutes the puddle spread more and more, sometimes spurting Sarah’s thighs, or her socks.Then I felt drained and exhausted, yet so very physically and emotionally satisfied that I almost began to cry with the release of tension.Staphie flopped off the bed, and I reached out with a clean towel; Sarah was looking at me with a big friends-together-sharing-secrets smile…***I wonder if I will ever feel that filled inside? Or shake like she did when Staphie started his manic acrobatic pumping? I have not pursued opportunites that have presented themselves to me thus far, but maybe my curiousity will get the better of me one day?Thank you for reading, I hope it was at least interesting and relevant to this fascinating forum. I will be learning much here. This post has been edited by gemma_as_herself on May 20 2006, 10:37 PM
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