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Note: I accidentally posted this on the Fantasy board. Hope I don't get in trouble for cross posting. No evil intent here. Luv, Lacey School got out and I decided to go straight home instead of hanging out with my friends. I was feeling restless and I knew no one would be home for several hours. I went to the fridge out of habit. Nothing looked good so I flopped on the couch and flipped through the channels. Nothing good on. Wylie, our family's rottie-shepherd mix scratched at the door. I was just starting to doze off and tried to ignore him but his insistent scratching, embellished with a lot of whining, made it impossible. Not feeling like fighting the situation, I got up and let him in. Wylie was happy to be there. His tail fanned the air while his toenails clattered on the tile floor. I returned to the sofa and started to doze. I was awakened by a wet slobbery kiss on the mouth. I opened my eyes and Wylie was sitting there, smiling, wagging his tail. I scratched him behind the ears. To my surprise, he licked my mouth again. I didn't expect it to happen, but I was suddenly feeling aroused. I flipped off the TV and unbuttoned by jeans, thinking a little personal time might be in order. As I slipped my hand down into my panties I noticed Wylie was watching but just ignored him. He'd seen me do it before. I slowly stroked myself, feeling the wet warmth growing down below. I closed my eyes, lifted my knees and pulled my jeans down a little more. As I drifted off slowly, pleasuring myself, I forgot Wylie was there. That is, until he stuck his nose right down there and snuffled me. I wasn't expecting that at all and it took my breath away. I slipped my jeans all the way off and rolled on my side, facing Wylie. I offered him my fingers, the ones I'd just been touching myself with. He sniffed at them eagerly. Then he licked them. The feeling of his eager tongue on my hand had me totally stimulated. I was becoming craven with desire. I slipped my finger into my pussy then put it to Wylie's nose again. As he moved toward it I led him to my hot little box. I opened my legs just a little and spread the lips of my pussy so he could lick me. And he did. The combination of my state of mind at the time and the act of doing something so kinky, so wrong, had me feeling like I would have an explosive orgasm any second. Wylie licked me with such eagerness with his coarse tongue it almost hurt at times. I continued stroking myself while Wylie licked. He licked my pussy then worked his way down to my bottom. That did it. I came so hard I let out a little yelp. Wylie was surprise by my jerking, gasping, yelping orgasm and backed off a couple of feet. My breathing subsided and a warm glow fell over me. As I pulled my jeans and panties back on I saw the pink tip of Wylie's penis sticking out of its sheath. The sheath was swollen and I realized he was aroused. The thought crossed my mind that he wanted to mount me like I was his bitch and hump me. He'd humped my leg before and Mom had scolded him for it. I had thought it was hilarious, both the humping and Mom's reaction to it. Now I had other thoughts. I'll tell you about them some other time.Lacey[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=red]
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