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I have this fantasy in which the very sexy and wonderful young actress Jessica Alba goes horse riding in the countryside.She's hot as hell with her shoulder length dark hair, her full lips, her sensational body and her nasty ass sense of youthfull adventure.She rides the horse way out into a deserted area and once she is sure that she's alone she stops by a pond and ties the horse to a fallen tree.Alba strips off her 'cowgirl' outfit revealling that she has, for no reason other than this is MY fantasy, chosen to wear red stockings, suspenders and bra. Then wades into the cold pond water to cool down.The horse watches her.She comes out of the water and lays down in the hot sun to dry off. The heat gets her 'hot' and she slips a hand into her panties - starts playing with her neatly trimmed pussy - she's so wet that the horse can smell it. With her other hand she is given her tits a good hard squeeze.After a while she becomes aware that the horse is arroused by watching and smelling her in action. She sits up and looks at him, seeing that half of his huge cock is already showing, bending slightly under its own weight.Alba stands up nervously and stumbles nervously over to the huge animal. She carefully reaches under his belly and starts to fondle his massive member. He doesn't do anything to stop her. Pretty soon she's playing with 16 inches of hot animal cock and it's dripping precum on her fingers.She tastes the juices from her fingers, loves it, lowers her head to it's tip and starts to lick it, to wrap her big fat lips around the cock end.She sucks the horse until the tip of it's cock is too big to fit in her mouth.With her heart pounding, she positions herself under the horse, bending over the falling tree that he's tied to. She eases her panties down around her thighs, reaches back between her legs and takes hold of the horse's enormous cock - pulls it up, and starts rubbing the head against her pussy lips.Her body, rock hard and glistening in the sunlight, rubs up against the horse's dark hair. She arches her back, opens her thighs as wide as she can and eases the tip of the cock into her snatch.SHe gasps as she slides backwards onto the hot meat - taking a few inches and squealing with delight. The horse snorts in reaction to her scream and bucks slightly - ramming another six inches into her, almost splitting her in half.She screams - a pleasurable scream and smiles wide as she bucks herself back and forward on the huge cock. 9 inches inside, sliding out to 3 with her cunt meat stretching and dragging along the animal cock. Back to 9 inches inside. Back and forward, faster and faster. The horse joins in, bucking hard as he enjoys the sensation of this tight human meat wrapped around his cock, cool flesh sqeezing him tight. He rams 12 inches into her, re-arranging her internal organs, causing her injuries she'll never be able to explain - but she's not complaining - she's too busy screaming as she cums hard.She squeezes her thighs together, feeling the hot cock inside her - taking everything she can.The horse explodes inside her, blowing massive globs of sperm deep into her body. She screams again as his cock throbs in her snatch. She fucking loves it. She's gasping, screaming, laughing, grinning. Spunk splashing all over his insides.Exhausted, she slides forward off the horses meat and lands bent over the fallen tree. But the horse isn't finished - he rams forward one more time, his meat jamming between her butt-cheeks, not penetrating but getting enough purchase to blow one more glob of cum all over her back before he takes a rest, placing most of his massive bulk on her small back.SHe stuggles to breath, pulling herself backwards, dragging her belly and chest over the rough bark of the tree as she escapes from under the beast.Laid out on the floor beneath the horse, she looks up as his semi-spent cock. It drips cum onto her face and she opens her mouth to catch whatever she can, swallows it joyfully. A hand slips down to her cunt and massages handfuls of horse cum into her pussy and over her belly, up to her tits, smearing it everywhere.Later on, when she's regained her breath, she dresses without washing - dried horse spunk on her flesh sticking to her clothes. She returns the horse to the stable master and thanks him. He smiles, familiar with the smell of horse-spunk, and knowing that he'll be seeing her again.-- Please let me know what you think of my effort... I have many more and would love to share them if you like this one.
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