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Hi, ok first i thought id introduce myself...I come from the south of the uk and i have no decent companion... ok i have a new man... but he's not what im looking for (fussy) lol.anyway ina bout a years time iam getting myself a dog...(reason it is being about 1-2years time, is iam saving for a better car then iam getting a dog) but i just would love a dog now. i would get my all time favourite breed... the Akita! and yes, a male he will be... called Balto..Anyway... i have never had intercourse with a dog.... but would love to! although while house sitting my friends house (for her dogs) i did masturbate her male one.. sadly he wasnt a full male so it was a little tricky... although he loved it... he was so relaxed.. he layed down on his side and let me carry on...Wow so erotic...Anyway sorry for blabbering on... my fantisy is acting out as a female dog... with a human companion... telling me to 'bring me his slippers, fetch the news paper, and to mate his stud dog" my human owner would walk me (on all fours of course, with a leash and collar, to his stud dog)i would act out as a dog and be playing with his stud dog and finally to mate with his... while the bloke would get turned on... and watching with utta most lust, saying good girl. and good boy!Sounds a bit corny... but that is my atmos fantasy...with no1 to share it with...i feel iam just going to have a wait a whole year (or 2!) ahh to finally get sumwhere there... some of you guys are so lucky to have partners who are into zoophilia... i feel i will never find one...*sigh*
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