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Ever since I've discovered zoo activities, one has always piqued my interest. It was actually the first video I'd ever seen of anything beast related. a girl with a boar. so hot!i would love to have my first bestial experience to be with a boar. my aunt and uncle used to own a farm, and i loved spending time there, but alas, with the stroke my aunt had, they decided to sell it and go to a smaller residence. i've dreamed of being able to return there...i hear noises through my open window as i wake up in the night. the squealing of the pigs. the house is silent, but the barn seems quite noisy. it's a hot summer, and i'm sure the animals are feeling the stress of the heat just as much as i am getting annoyed in my bed with my sheets sticking to my legs, my pale pink nightgown twisting around me and preventing me from relaxing. i sigh and sit up, throwing the covers off of me as i slide out of bed. my nightgown is long and matronly, a present from my aunt, something about me feeling a little bit country while i was there. that, and i'm sure my mom let it slip that i usually slept naked. i straighten out the twisted dress and open my bedroom door. the hallway is silent and dark as i pad barefooted down the hall towards the bathroom. i can hear my uncle's loud snores almost vibrating his door as i splash some cold water on my face. even that doesn't feel like enough to cool me down. i look down the hallway at my bedroom and shake my head. there's no way i can fall asleep in this heat. maybe i should go get some fresh air.i head down the stairs and slowly open up the screen door on the back entry. it objects to the motion, squeaking a little as i slowly pry it from the jamb. as soon as i step out from the house, a gentle breeze caresses my skin, and i close my eyes and luxuriate in the relief it brings. another loud squeal from the pig barn makes me open my eyes, and with a languid smile i walk over to their outbuilding.the door opens easily, and i quickly feel the pigs as they become aware of my presence. the sows are in one large pen, most of them are sleeping, but one or two are awake and trot over to the fence nearest me. i approach them, and their noses wiggle and curl as i reach my hand over the short fence. it tickles my palm, their noses do, and i let them greet me in their way. i look over towards the boars; they've got less spacious quarters than the ladies, a couple larger ones are alone, their beady eyes watching me, as if calculating something. i walk over to a pen that contains three smaller males first. they are instantly over at the pen's door, their snouts extending out from between the slats as they breathe in my scent. i reach over the top to touch their skin, like i had with the females, but all they seem interested in is at their nose level. i feel one exploring nose touch my mound through my nightgown, and it sends sparks through my body. "naughty boy!" i admonish while giggling quietly. they continue to explore my scent close up, but i dont discourage them at all. one of the large boars squeals again in a loud, demanding sound. he presses against the wooden door of his pen; i can hear the hinges straining against his weight. i casually walk towards his pen, admiring his black and white markings; he's probably a couple hundred pounds easily. i stop a few feet from his pen to watch him; he raises his head to push his snout over the top edge of the fence, a sign on it says Milo, so i step closer to touch that soft nose. he snuffles, his powerful breath tickling my hand, and i laugh again. i let him do it for a few moments, then turn away, intending to go visit the piglets that are separated next. i am only a couple of feet away from Milo's pen when i hear the straining of the hinges again, only now they're giving way. The door of the pen falls from its place and Milo trots out of it, with a smug look on his face. i turn to look at him, a small laugh escaping my lips again. "silly! what do you think you're doing out?" he sniffs the air again, then comes closer to me. i step back, my heel running into a bale of hay in the middle of the corridor. i pause, allowing him to take another couple of steps towards me. the other pigs seem to be going wild, watching this boar break free. they squealed in excitement, filling the night air with their cacophony.Milo advances again, prodding his snout against my crotch, taking his time as he inhales my scents. he smacks his chops and snorts, giving a shove to my hips. the forceful push sends me backward; my rump seats itself upon the bale of hay. i look over towards the door of the barn, but i can see that the house is still dark. no one's noticed the commotion of the pigs. my attention whirls back to Milo as he manages to lift the hem of my nightgown with his snout, exploring without any care as to the strangeness of the situation. i can feel his hot breath against my nether lips, and it sends a shock up my spine. i try to slide off the edge of the bale to stand, but he pushes my legs open and holds me to my spot. his eyes have disappeared under my gown as he is determined to find the source of the smell. i bite my lip and carefully try to push the hem downward, pushing cautiously against this behemoth's back in attempt to discourage him. then his snout hits my cut. the shivers return, cascading up my spine as that nose expertly explores the folds of my vagina. my eyes flutter closed as he exhales roughly into my crotch. after a moment or two, i feel him back away, out from under my gown. i stand, though a bit wobbly as he seems to stare at me, his eyes busy plotting something. i carefully turn to walk out of the barn, but he takes his advantage and plows into me again as my back is turned, shoving me down face first onto the bale of hay. it disorients me for a few moments, and that's all it takes for Milo to rear up and place his hooves on either side of my body, right against my armpits. i yelp as i feel them scrape across my skin, and try to back up to escape. my heart pounds loudly in my throat as i hear him, feel him above me snorting. then i feel something hot and moist at my backside. i move back forward again to try to avoid the foreign object when i realize: he's trying to mate with me!his feet at either side of my head effectively keep me from looking back as he continues thrusting, and i can't seem to reach back to protect my vulnerable pussy. his thrusting pushes the nightgown and bunches it up on my back, baring my ass for him. a deeper squealing bellows through him as he seems to sense his advantage. with a single, powerful thrust, he buries his thin cock into my cunt. i yelp again, my eyes darting once more out to the house, torn between calling for help or keeping the shame hidden. Milo pushes again, and his cock probes deeper. i can feel him lower his head next to mine; he breathes heavily into my ear as he ruts. so easily has he violated me! my mind is awash in a mix of shame, confusion, and ... heat. this boar is turning me on, making me his as he mates with me, and i like it. i feel him as he thrusts again, he hits my cervix. it feels as if the cock is twisting... it is twisting! with each thrust, i feel the strange sensation of it rotating against my cervix. i moan gently as he chuffs in my ear, his limbs holding me tight to him as he pushes even deeper. i feel his penis rotate into the entrance of my womb! it somehow locks into my innermost gateway, and i can feel his thrusts tugging at it, and then he stills above me. all at once i feel a hotness deep inside me, inside my womb as his heavy breathing pushes against me. i can feel his dick spasming against the inner walls of my pussy, twitching while locked in his root, in my cervix. it seems to set off a trigger inside me as the heat, combined with the rhythmic spasming, i climax. my whole body shakes with the force of my orgasm, and the boar, Milo, snorts appreciatively. He knows. He knows he's claimed me. and still his ejaculate keeps spewing. i lose track of time as the twitching continues, and it keeps triggering more orgasms deep within me. my body shudders with a deep, carnal pleasure. i am mated to Him. the huge beast. he wanted me, and he took me. After what seems like hours, i finally feel the root start loosening, and he slips out of my cervix and his penis quickly retracts from my pussy. He stays above me for a moment or two, breathing heavily against my face, then hops down. i fall backward onto my rump in the absence of his body holding me on the bale. looking down the line of my body, my belly seems full, my womb feels tight. Milo has filled me with his seed. i turn my head to look at him, and he stares back at me. there seems to be some sort of satisfaction on his face, of finally claiming a human for himself. With a smug snort, he trots back to his pen and lays i stand, i'm surprised to find that his cum stays inside of me... i only find a small amount oozing down my leg. even the pressure of my tight womb doesn't dislodge the plug he's pumped into my belly. with a growing smile of my own, i stagger off to the house.mmm. if only i could have piglets...this is my first submission. please let me know if you like it. i would die happy to be able to try this in real life..
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