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I couldn't sleep much last night, I just kept thinking of my wife's niece, Tammy, and what has been going on for the last couple of days. I have never in my life seen or done the things that happened. I arrived at her house around the same time, but she didn't come running out like yesterday. So I went to the barn, guessing she was already there. I was right, she was there with the other stallion, Midnight, only there was a little suprise. Her girlfriend Karen was there as well! They didn't notice me at first because they were both under Midnight, sucking and licking his massive cock. Tammy saw me first and got up and came running over to me, jumping into my arms. Karen seemed a little shocked and embarassed at my being there. Tammy ran over to her, grabbing her hand and bringing her over to me, "This is Danny, the guy I was telling you about." With that, Karen smiled and said "Hello". Karen had an even more beautiful body than Tammy,with stunning green eyes, larger breasts, tight stomach, a dark even tan. "So, you like watching Tammy with the animals, huh?" I was speechless, just staring at the two hot bodies before me! "Well, wouldn't want to disapoint you." And they both went back to Midnight and went back to giving the huge stallion a double blowjob. They would alternate between sucking on his huge head and running their mouths along his massive shaft. Karen seemed to be more adept at giving him head, she managed to get a good five or six inches into her mouth. Karen got up and pulled a hay bale closer to Midnight and Tammy lay down on it with her lags spread wide as Karen guided his monsterous cock into Tammy's hot snatch. She pumped it in and out while Tammy ran her hand up Karens' leg and started to play with her pussy. Both girls were moaning with pleasure as their orgasms were rapidly aproaching. Deeper and deeper went Midnight's cock into Tammys stretched pussy as she was pumping her fingers into Karens wet pussy. Karen strated to suck on Tammy's nipples as she started to really get louder from the reaming her cunt was getting. I could see her eyes rolling back in her head as she came with her body twitching. She grabbed Karens hand to stop her and pulled the thick cock oput of her pussy. She got up and has Karen lay down on the hay an dit was her turn to take the cock in her. It slid right into her soaking wet pussy and it seemed to just keep going in. I couldn't believe that she could take that much cock into her body! Tammy pump the horses cock deep into Karen as she stradled her face so Karen could eat her pussy while Tammy was f*cking her with Midnights huge cock. I could hear Karen's muffled moans from her cumming as Tammy was reaching another orgasm of her own. Tammy then pulled the cock out of Karen's pussy and lifted her legs up and pointed Midnight's cock at Karen's asshole. After a few failed attempts, She managed to get the huge head into Karens stretched asshole, then slowly inched it into her. I was amazed at the sight before me. Karen had a look of pain and pleasure on her face. I could tell it hurt her, but she never had Tammy stop the assault on her. Karen had over a foot of his huge cock inside her ass before Tammy stopped sliding it in. The pained look changed to pleasure when Tammy started to pump it in and out, slowly at first, then a little faster. Karen exploded with orgasm after orgasm from her assf*cking. Midnight started to whinney and twitch then Karen screamed out "He's cumming in me!" over and over. As she was shuddering from her mindblowing orgasm. Tammy slid Midnight's cock from her ass. As the head popped out, all of his cum squirted out of Karen, causing her to have one more mild orgasm. When the girls could compose themselves, they got up and we all left the barn and went around the side where they had laid out a blanket and they helped me out of my clothes, freeing my very hard cock. They had me lie down and they both proceeded to suck on my cock. Tammy then whistled and here came Max and Josh, both of the family dogs, both beautiful, large German shepards. Both dogs started to lick the horse cum that was running down Karens thighs.Both girls got on either side of me and continued blowing me as first, Max mounted Karen, then Josh did the same to Tammy. They were both getting humped hard and fast as they took turns sucking me off, both alternately deepthroating me and sucking on my swollen sack. they were both getting off from the pounding they were getting from the dogs. Tammy stiffened first as she was getting her pussy filled with Josh's doggy cum causing her to cum again, then Karen got her pussy filled with cum from Max. I was next. I moaned out I was cumming and Karen pulled my dick from her mouth and stroked me fast. Both girls got their open mouths over my dick as I shot my own load into both open mouths and all over their pretty faces. I never came so hard before! Karen and Tammy then took turns licking my cum off each others faces then moved into a 69, sucking the dog cum from each others pussies! This sight kept me hard, so I went to Tammy and slid my cock into her ass and started pumping her while Karen licked her pussy and my balls. It didn't seem to take me long before I stared to cum again, pulling out and aiming it at Karens open mouth. She then took my cock into her mouth and sucked me clean, milking the last drops of cum from my shaft. I could only hope for tomorrow to be half as good as today was. But it would turn out to be a bigger suprise than I could imagine!Please let me know what you all think! Thanx
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