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Surprised by my best friend There are times in our lives that we are reminded that there is always something about life that can surprise you and make you realize you might not know all there is about life the way you thought things were. I was 19 years old and had just started my summer vacation from college. I had planned to visit my Aunt and Uncle on their farm in Vermont for two weeks. My best friend Susan was going to join me. It was early Saturday morning and my Dad drove us to the farm in the country side. I always loved the two hour drive because the scenery was amazing with the roads twisting through the beautiful Vermont landscape. We were met with a warm smile from My Aunt and uncle and their two handsome dogs Casper and Jake. As always my Aunt had prepared some coffee and home baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream as a warm welcome. After coffee we all said goodbye to my Dad before he started on his long journey back home. Susan and I were shown our room we were to share for the next two weeks. We were both excited and looked forward to a taste of farm life for two weeks. Susan had little knowledge about animals and farm life, so I would be showing her the ropes the next two weeks. After dinner we decided to take a walk on the vast farmland and see some of the animals. We dressed lightly for the warm summer afternoon. Susan wore a short summer skirt with a small t-shirt showing her well shaped breasts. I wore a pair of shorts and a t- shirt. We decided to walk to the huge fenced in field where the horses were grazing. My Uncle bred beautiful race horses and was well known through the region for his top quality horses. The two dogs Casper and Jake came along for the walk. We walked towards the horses with both dogs in our heels waging their tails showing their appreciation for bringing them along. We approached the horses careful not to scare them away. The horses were used to the dogs and did not fledge when we approached them. I showed Susan how to hold out some grass with a flat hand and feed the horses. We admired the horses for a while and decided to head for the little lake over the hill. It was a beautiful little lake where I had bathed every summer since I can remember as a kid. My Uncle had told us to not interfere with two horses that were in a separate smaller field on the way to the lake. The male horse was a handsome stallion prize horse and the mare also a beautiful stallion. I realized that my uncle had left them together to mate. The mare was in full heat by the swollen vagina that was winking and dripping her juices to attract her male partner with her strong scent. I explained to Susan that she only had a few days to conceive and the Male would have to get busy. We both chuckled like two curious teenage virgins. Susan pointed towards the underside of the male as we saw the penis of the male horse starting to extend slowly as he sniffed the mare. Even though I had seen the horses mate on the farm growing up I was always very amused to watch the mating act. I could tell That Susan was totally taken inn by the sight of his thick long penis hanging down about 12 inches. Her mouth was slightly open and she had this gaze of shear amazement in her eyes. I caught her licking her lips as we watched his penis hanging free on display. I chuckled to myself as I realized how interested she was. Then right there before our eyes the huge male climbed on the mares back. His penis went from the hanging state to a huge erect penis frantically searching for her vagina. Then right before us we saw his massive cock find her entrance and saw it disappear into her. He humped a few times into her and we heard him grunt a few times as he picked up the pace momentarily before pulling out of her. Large loads of his cum poured out of her stretched vagina end ran down her buttocks. His cock went limp fast and we saw the last few squirts of his cum trickle out his penis.. I saw Susan’s nipples piercing out her thin t-shirt and she was blushing red from the show right in front of us. I could feel my self aroused by the sight. I had found it interesting to watch when I was younger, but this time it was different. My pussy was tingling and I could feel I was a little wet in my panties. I wondered if Susan was having the same feelings from the sight of that thick long horse cock in action. I could see her nipples were fully erect and was pretty sure her pussy was soaked. How could it not be I thought to myself. “Wow that was cool” she muttered as we pulled away and started walking towards the lake. The two dogs had taken off towards the lake before we watched the horses in action. We walked over the top of the hill and saw the beautiful lake on the other side. The two dogs were playing at the edge of the water as we approached the lake. We decided to sit on a huge log that my Uncle had carved out into a makeshift bench. I knelt down and picked through the pebbles on the beach looking for some flat stones to skip on the flat water. I found two flat stones and showed them to Susan sitting on the log. I knelt down in front of her and explained how we were going to skip the stones across the lake. I could not help but notice that her thin skirt was pulled up her thighs by the way she was sitting with a wide stance on the log. I swallowed and my eyes almost popped out when I got a good view of her light blue panties that were fully exposed and when I saw that they were soaking wet around her vagina. She must have been extremely turned on by the sight of the horses in action and the thick horse cock hanging down. I pretended I never noticed and felt very excited by knowing that she got wet just like me. “Hey lets go skinny dipping” I suggested.. Her eyes lit up and she said “Yes lets do that” “I am feeling hot” I smiled to myself thinking “Yes I know” We started taking our clothes off after looking around making sure nobody was around. The two dogs both came up as we were stripping down. We were not concerned about them telling on us and chuckled. Susan stopped for a second when her panties came off and she noticed the large wet spot on them. She quickly removed them so I would not notice and bundled them up with her t-shirt. I could tell she was blushing from the sight of her own wet panties. Casper the large brown Labrador came over with a curious look in his eyes and went directly towards the bundle with her clothes and started sniffing with great intensity before picking out her panties and starting to lick them. Susan turned around and saw Casper licking her panties and reached out and grabbed them from him! “Hey those are mine” “Why is he doing that” Susan asked? “He is licking your wet panties” I said and just realized what I had said and blown my innocence and embarrassed her. “Don’t worry mine are too” I said quickly. She looked at me a little startled awaiting some sort of explanation from me. I told her how watching the huge horse cock hanging under his belly and him mating with the mare and seen all that cum splashing around had made me very aroused and my panties all wet. She looked at me with a sigh of relieve realizing that she was not the only one turned on by the great performance. She said she was worried that she was some sort of sex freak when she felt her juices start running into her panties and getting all aroused. We both looked at each other and smiled and chuckled over our new discovery about each other. Before we could get another word out Casper put his snout between Susan’s legs and sniffed then licked her exposed pussy. Susan jumped and tried telling him to stop by pushing his snout away. “Naughty boy Casper” she said! I said that he was very curious about her scent! And that both dogs had sniffed my own crotch before at the farm on prior visits, but her Uncle and Aunt had always yelled at them and chased them away. “I think they are attracted to our scent” I said. Susan nodded and agreed with me. I was in shock when she admitted to me that his tongue had felt very warm and good when he licked her! Then I almost fell over on my butt when she took Casper by the collar and placed his snout between her legs again. He did not need any encouragement and started slurping with long wet strokes over her pussy! “Aw my God” She moaned as Casper licked with amazing intensity. Susan spread her legs far apart giving him as much room and access that he needed. Her sweet little pussy was spread wide open and his long pink tongue was lapping at the folds of her pussy lips and I could see that her pink entrance was exposed. Susan was breathing heavy and moaning load as I saw his tongue lap across her now clearly swollen clit and lips. I was trembling from excitement and could feel my own pussy throbbing with every heartbeat and was feeling very slippery between my own legs. Susan lent back over the log resting her shoulders on the soft grass, her hips resting on the log with her legs spread apart and her pussy fully exposed! I turned around to see if I could see Jake the other dog. He was watching it all from a distance careful not do interfere with Casper the more dominant male of the two. I called him over and he came wagging his tail happy that I had called him. I was feeling very horny and brave and slipped my finger inside my soaking pussy and gave it to Jake to sniff! He did not hesitate and immediately started licking my fingers with his long warm pink tongue. I got on all four and pushed my ass in his face and tapped my pussy with my hand showing him where to lick. I dipped two fingers in my pussy and gave them to him to lick and lured him closer to my pussy with my wet fingers. Then I felt the most amazing feeling my young pussy had ever felt when his warm wet tongue lapped at my pussy! Again and again he licked it. Sending shivers up my spine! Then things took a turn with Susan when Casper positioned himself between her legs and jumped up and wrapped his paws around her waist and started humping his hips. Susan’s pussy was at the perfect height bent over backwards on the log. I was so horny watching his pink wet penis poking away inches from her spread pussy. The pointy pink tip leaking and trickling sticky slippery pre cum all over her pubic hair and spread pussy lips making her very slippery. I saw the tip of his cock brush against Susan’s soft lips still attempting to find her warm pink entrance. The sight of seen this pink slippery penis squirting all over my best friends pussy trying desperately to penetrate her and the feeling of Jake licking the folds of my natural fat and big pussy was amazing. I could not wait any longer and I knew Susan was in ecstacy so I reached out and gripped my hand firmly around Casper’s slippery pink cock and guided the tip inside Susan’s wet pussy! It slipped inside her with ease. As soon as the sensitive tip of his penis felt the warmth of Susan’s pussy clamped around it he naturally followed his animal instincts and started humping his slippery cock into her pussy without my help. His cock was trickling large amounts of slippery pre cum into Susan’s pussy, just the way nature had designed it to do so that the dog can quickly slide into their mate and cum inside them before the competition could pose a threat to the survival of his genes. Casper’s pink cock slipped with ease deeper and deeper into Susan’s pussy! Susan let out a scream when the pointy pink tip from Casey’s cock pierced through Susan’s virginity and into her unexplored virgin pussy! Then I noticed a slight bulb at the base of his penis and saw it slip inn and out of her pussy as he fucked her pussy slipping inn and out with a “sloshing sound from their combined fuck juices. Then to my greatest pleasure I finally felt Jake mount me from behind and grip my waist hard with his powerful paws! I knew what he was trying to do back there since I got a first hand view of my best friends pussy penetrated right in front of me! I felt his warm pre cum squirting at my bare pussy and my ass, and some went far up my back as his penis was lubricating me and trying with desperation to bury his bone inside me! I did not want to help him find his way I found it erotic feeling his pink tip brush up and get close to my entrance and feel his warm pre cum spurt up my back and ass and some hitting directly into my wide spread pussy and trickling down my crack! Looking at Casper fucking my best friend the same time another dog was knocking at my entrance dying to fuck me too was enough to make me tremble and shiver from been extremely horny! I was amazed to see Casper’s cock swell almost three times its size now and the larger bulb on his penis was now swollen the size of a small tennis ball inside Susan’s pussy locking them together in their sexual reproduction act just the way nature had intended. I noticed that he stopped fucking her with his penis stuck securely inside her pussy. His big balls that were swinging wildly back there when he was fucking his cock into her were now hanging still. Then I heard Casper whimper and I saw his big balls pull up almost all the way up!! Then I heard Susan groan out loud and say : “Aww My God Melissa He is cumming in my pussy” “Oh My God his cum is hot” I could see his balls pull up then relax and knew every time they pulled up he was spurting a large load of hot cum deep into Susan’s virgin pussy and his cum was been forced deep up into her womb!! I almost passed out when Jake’s penis finally found its mark and drove deep into my vagina with one huge thrust ripping through my own virginity! I felt a momentary sharp pain when the tip of his cock stole my virginity and continued to the very bottom of my vagina the tip teasing the entrance to my cervix his cock was so long and thin. I could feel the large amounts of warm pre cum tickling and bathing the inside of my pussy getting it all ready and wet for his knot to slip inside me! No sooner had I thought of it I could feel his knot already swelling big outside my entrance!!! He was not wasting any time and his cock was swelling faster than I expected!! I wanted all of him inside me too just like Susan! I tried to relax my pussy as much as possible and I spread my legs and pussy as wide open as I could feel!! Then it happened he gripped me tight with his paws pulling and fucked his cock forward pushing my pussy wide open as I felt his knot stretching my entrance wide open and almost with sweet pain he drove it inside my pussy with my pussy lips clamping around the bulb once it was inside me.It was the most intense feeling ever the thick cock wedged inside my pussy and knowing he was going to cum inside my pussy soon!! I wanted all his cum inside me my pussy was hungry and would with greed milk his pink cock for all the cum he had stored in those huge balls!!! I reached under my belly and found his balls and ran them through my fingers squeezing them gently and feeling the hot cum stored in those huge balls!!! The feeling of my warm hand holding his balls triggered a response and I could feel them pulling up the same time I felt his cock twitching hard in my pussy!! Then the most amazing sensation in my life happened when I felt this amazing warmth spread through my pussy and belly as his cock exploded inside me, spewing load after load of hot doggie cum into my pussy! I felt him pull himself deeper inside me and I felt the pointy tip of his penis wedge into and past my cervix opening!! His powerful spurts of cum now been pumped in steady streams of hot cum directly into my womb entrance increasing the chance of conception!! A dog has a large amount of cum compared to a man and he was pumping it all inside me!! The feeling of been stuck to my lovers cock and filled to the max with his warm cum swimming inside me was an amazing feeling of sexual bonding that was difficult to explain. Casper’s cock was still stuck inside Susan’s pussy and steady streams of her overflowing pussy was leaking cum out her pussy and running down her leg and onto the ground. I saw him try to pull his cock out of her a few times, but his knot was still too big inside her tight virgin pussy!! The pressure of Jake’s cock throbbing in my pussy and the feeling of his balls still pulling up and feeling his cum shoot into the depths of my womanhood was more than I could handle and I trembled and arched my hips violently as the most intense orgasm rolled over me again and again!! When Casper finally managed to pull his cock out of Susy it was like a river of cum pouring out of her pussy and on the ground!! Her pussy was puffy and stretched from his huge cock Not long after I relaxed my own pussy when Jake was trying to pull out of me and his knot let go and the rest of his cock “plopped” out of my pussy followed by loads and loads of warm cum mixed with my own cum juices!!!! We both got up and walked towards the water with both dogs behind licking the cum that was just running down our legs as we walked to the water!! We swam and washed off the evidence and after our swim walked back to the house!!! Nobody expected anything when we got back home again and the two dogs were most certainly not going to tell what happened and neither were we!!! Later that night after dinner and walking back to our room I felt my panties were wet and realized that his cum was still dripping into my panties!! Susan showed me hers too and hers were soaked in doggie cum too!!!!! We were no longer virgins when we went to bed that night and we were both still glowing from the after sex experience of our lives!! We had never even thought it was possible , but were both looking forward to the next two weeks on the farm!! That night we slept in the same bed and made love to each other the first time sucking on each others sweet doggie cum soaked pussy’s at the same time driving our tongues into each others pussy and both cumming hard multiple times!!! Another surprise for both of us!!!!
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