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It's my turn to contribute here. This is a story I wrote quite a whileago. My first animal story actually. It has been published on Nifty and can also be seen there. You can distribute, just leave it intact and give me credit. Enjoy!DISCLAIMER: The following story does NOT contain any violence, rape, physical or mental abuse, non-consensual sex, drugs or reference to underage people. It does contain explicit descriptions of sex actsinvolving men and women and various farm animals. You must be over 18to read this story. If you can't deal with the subject matter, then please read no further. Comments are welcome, flames ignored.HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATIONCopyright 1993 by BeastBoyhalf-goat@comcast.netAll Rights ReservedNo unauthorized reproduction''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Note: This is NOT a true story, even though I wish it was! When I was about 25 years old, I was invited to spend a coupleof weeks at the farm of a friend of the family. Work was becoming a drag at that time, and it looked like a good way to get away from the grind for a while. I had been living in an apartment attached to my parents place at that time, and had no opportunities to get involvedin my favorite pasttime except with the occasional neighborhood dog.The trip looked like a good opportunity to try out some farm species. I arrived at the Nebraska farm at the end of June. I had never met the people before, but my folks had known them for many years. They had two kids: Clare was 19, and a little homely looking, and John was 20. He was handsome and trim. Both were in college in Nebraska and stayingat home during the semester break. They eyed me with some suspicion when I pulled up in the drive, got out and introduced myself to the family. They took me on a tour of the place, which was over two hundred acres, and I soon found out what a gold mine this place was to be for an animal loving person such as myself. They had a male and several females of manyanimals: goats, sheep, horses... the works. I had to curb my enthusiasm and wait for the golden opportunity. For the first week, I helped out on the farm with the normal chores. The two kids kept an eye on me for a while, but soon accepted me as a fixture around the place, and we became good friends. I was going to bed horny every night,and I found that jerking off was not doing the job... I needed an animal! After the first week, I had the complete run of the place and was trusted by the family. Then during that week, while I was working in the barn, the father appeared and told me he was taking the family into Hastings for the day, and for me to hold down the fort. They would notbe back before dark. I told them they could rely on me, and inwardly thought, now is the time. My two weeks was getting close to being over,and I was going to have to return home soon. A little later I heard their car drive away from the farm. I went out and checked around and sure enough I was alone. I couldn't decide what animal to try first. I finally settled on the goats. I had never tried one before, but they looked very sexy and every day I would see the nannies with their tails straight up walking around. I went out to the goat area and selected two nice does. One wasa solid gray, and the other a white one with big dark spots. They were in excellent condition and very clean and most important of all, they were in heat. I could tell from the swollen, dripping cunts. I tookthem in the barn. I found some milking stands in the barn, and I put the spotted one on stand so she would be high enough for me to reach and tied the other one next to her. Then I went back for the billy. The billy goat was a beautiful solid black Nubian. He was about five years old and had done a lot of breeding. He was well muscled and had a pair of large nuts. A really handsome beast! I led him to the door of the barn and he came to attention when he saw the two nannies. I stood there for a moment and let him call to the nannies, who answered him with quiet bleats. Once he settled down a little, I went to my knees and started petting him, then running my hand down his back legs to his balls. As soon as I touched them, my own cock started to stir. Since I was alone, I took off my pants and shorts, leaving only my T-shirt on, then went back to play with those hot nuts. I reached under him with my other hand and started stroking his sheath. It didn't take him long to erect, probably because of the nearby nannies. I wanted to suck him off, but decided to save that for later. For today, I had planned for the two of us to fuck the nannies side by side. I led him up to the gray goat and let him sniff her. She immediately squatted and sent a stream of hot piss right on his nose. I had an enormous boner by then, so we just let nature take her course. The billy mounted up and I helped him get in her. I watched closely, fascinated by the sight of the billy's cock pistoning in and out of the doe's swollen cunt. After a minute, I stood up and sunk my cock into the spotted goat on the stand. Because of the stand, I was directly in line with her cunt. I put my arm over the billy's back and we started fucking in unison. The billy beat me to an orgasm, and just as he came he lost his footing and his cock came out squirting. He pumped three or four squirts all over the goat's genitals, then dismounted and walked away. I looked down and studied the gray goat's pussy. It was soaking wet with her juices and piss, and the goat's thick bestial sperm was all over her asshole and pussy, with some dripping from inside. That was more than I could take. I pulled out of the spotted goat and sat on the barn floor behind the gray goat, and glued my mouth to her slimy cunt. I tounged vigorously for a couple of minutes, savoring the taste of the billy's sperm and the other juices. I then realized that I needed to come myself. I had to squat to reach her, but I was not to be denied sloppy seconds from a billy goat! I was so excited by this new experience that it didn't take me long to come. I grabbed her hips and screamed as my cock pumped my load deep inside her. After that I was exhausted, and totally drained. The only thing I could do was slip off her and settle to the barn floor behind her. That's when I heard a sound at the door. I looked over and saw the family's two kids standing in thedoorway. John had his cock out of his pants and was slowly playing with it. I was shocked and couldn't do anything but stare at them. Clare was first to say something. "That was beautiful," she said."I just knew you were a seasoned animal lover when I met you." "How long have you been there?" I asked, thinking that a long kept secret had just been discovered. "Since you started," John said. "I thought you went into town." "We decided to stay here at the last minute." "Are you going to tell what you saw?" "Shit, no!" John responded, "We were hoping you we into animals, so we could all have some fun together this summer." They were both shucking their clothes. "I really enjoyed watching you eat out that goat. Have you ever eaten out a mare in heat? They're really great!" "Enough talk," Clare said, "Let's have some fun." She grasped John's cock and stroked it a couple of times. "You're leaking,"she observed, "You better get plugged into one of those beasts before you shoot all over the floor. And you," she looked at me, "if you are going to have sex with animals, you should be naked like they are. Take off the T-shirt. I'll go see if the billy has any strength left." I was still shocked and just sat where I was and watched. Clare went to where the billy was standing. He had found some hay and was quietly munching. Clare sat on the floor behind him and started playing with his balls. Her other hand was stroking her pussy. John stepped up to the spotted goat, and with one stroke sunk his cock in to the balls. He grunted his approval of her. "Damn, she's nice," he said to no one inparticular. Then he pulled his cock back slowly and just teased her cunt with the head before sinking it back in and then repeating the process. The goat was standing with legs spread and not moving an inch,loving every stroke. I was only inches away and could tell that John was obviously showing off for me. I was starting to get hard again watching this. John then reached down, stuck two fingers in the gray goat's cunt, and scooped out some of the mixture. Then while staring me right in the eye, he slowly licked his fingers clean. "You better get your tongue up her cunt before all that wonderfuljuice goes to waste," he said. "You should always clean up your animalafter a fuck." I was feeling more comfortable now and I no longer feared exposure, but I had never had animal sex in front of anyone before, so I was still reluctant, even though I had a full fledged boner. "Come on, buddy, eat her out," John teased, "I'll hold her tail for you." I looked over to see what Clare was doing. She was still stroking the billy's balls, but now had put her head under his tail and was noisily licking his asshole. I looked back at John and he smiled and shrugged. "What can I say, she's my sister." I decided then, what the hell. They had already seen me doing everything with the animals. Beingwatched on purpose was another new experience, one that I did not want to miss. I smiled back, took off my T-shirt, and moved to the waiting goat.FIN
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