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The date started like any other blind date. I was getting used to these. I put on something nice and did my hair up. When I looked in the mirror, I decided that this was going to be the last blind date I go on. A girl in my office said this guy was hot but she was already dating someone else. She said that there was something about his eyes; they were mesmerizing. I spoke to him on the phone and his voice seemed so sexy and deep. However, I had been here before… one date and they just didn’t do anything for me. I needed animal attraction.As I slipped on my heels, my black lab Luke came over and licked my ankle. “Hey there big guy,” I said.He just looked at me with these beautiful and powerful eyes. I thought that he was trying to tell me something but every thing I tried he wouldn’t budge. He just looked at me, longing for me to stay. I felt terrible. I kissed him goodnight and promised not to be out too late. I got into my car and looked up at my apartment window. There was Luke watching me from the window. “Don’t worry my sweet. These things never work out for me anyhow.” When I arrived at the club things were hopping. The music was loud and people were having a good time. I started trying to figure out where my date was. He said he would find me. At that moment, a beautiful dark man came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked into the most intense brown eyes I had ever seen. His eyes held me as we walked on to the dance floor. We said nothing. My heart was throbbing and I was getting wetter by the minute. My loins wanted him. I wanted him in the worst way. We danced slowly all night and then he followed me home. I opened the door prepared to have Luke bark or at least be territorial, but I couldn’t find him. I turned around to explain to my date and he came so close to me I could hear his heart beating in his chest. Once again, I looked into those eyes.We tore off each other’s clothes and stood before each other naked. His cock gleamed in the light. My nipples were erect and my pussy wet. He bent down to lick my breasts and the strength of his tongue took me back. I planted my foot and reached for him. He sucked and licked as if I had never been touched before. He would drip occasionally and lap it up as if it was honey. He then rooted his nose into my dripping wet pussy and began to give me a tongue bath. He was under me and in me. His tongue was probing deep into me. He had his nose pressed deep into my clit and started to moan. The vibrations sent me into a wild orgasm. This made him jump up and stand behind me. He reached around me and started to hump from behind. I could feel his hard cock searching for me. I fell to the floor and he followed me. His thighs were right up against my butt and he nudged me down. He plunged deep into me. I tried to breath but all I could do is pant. I noticed he was panting along with me. He thrust deeper and deeper still. I grunted and held onto the carpet. The thrusting started to pick up speed. Faster and faster, he moved me. Every part of me felt sensations. Suddenly, his cock swelled. He stared spurting hot cum in me and I felt like I was going to explode. My groans and whines made him fuck me harder and harder until an explosion of hot steamy cum was running down my thighs. He was still in me. I couldn’t move. We stayed that way while I caught my breath. He didn’t say a thing. I looked back and saw Luke looking at me, wanting me again. I looked again. Those eyes. Oh my god, Luke was my blind date… but how?I rolled onto my back and Luke licked me like a lover. He cleaned me and sent me to another orgasmic plateau. As I climaxed, he lay at my feet and licked my ankle. I looked into those eyes.
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