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some friends of mine brought over a litter of puppies when I was 18. they asked if we wanted any of them and they all ran around like crazy and I wasn't sure but I saw this one who smiled and smiled and I thought something was wrong with it (I didn't know what a dog smiling was then). I thought it was gonna die soon or was hurt. So I took that one and we played together for 2 years every day. MY BEST FRIEND. Dont get me wrong I had plenty of people that were friends. But this smiling dog was pure goodness. pit bull and boxer, both built and loveable.while playing on the street one day I sat down and he jumped around me a little and I realized quite quick that he was trying to mount me. I thought for a second and realized that my parents weren't home and decided to take him inside ..the house and me downstairs, we played some more, I brought his strange looking dick out and tasted it and sucked it and he began to f*** my mouth, so I figured he wanted to do the other thing.a couple of times this went on and it ended with me masturbating while he nipped my balls from behind gently and buried his nose in my ass. I cant describe the new level of orgasm he brought me to.finally one night I decided to give him all that he wanted. I got down on all fours and started playing around with him and he got excited and I first felt his paws grasp my hips and his claws dig into my side. it hurt but I felt that I was being marked and it really made my precum flow (I've always had a lot of that) then I felt his slippery cock slide along my ass and I tensed each time, worried about the feeling it was going to be. I should have guided him in (I guess girls know to do this better than let the man do it) because by the time he first filled me, I had almost come from it. and from that largely swollen knot the first two or three times, but already it had gotten bigger and I felt my little body stretch so quickly the last two times in pain popping it in and out of me that I did what their cocks trick bitches into doing, in the interest of self preservation-- I pushed back against him, burying him into me. He paused for just a second as if I had told him that my ass was his and he understood. during that time the knot grew so rapidly I could feel it stretching me. He then began, with a body smaller than mine (!!) to pull my ass back on his cock the way I have when fucking a girl doggy style. Even though he was smaller he was really strong because I felt trapped by his forearms pulling me onto him. my mistake was that he was a virgin as he lasted and lasted, his cum running out of me, down my balls and down my legs, even the first part when he pisses in you. finally the knot just got too big and he could just jerk back and forth a little. I had no idea about lubricant and by this time I was bleeding just a little (price of a virgin I guess) but I had just about finished jacking myself off under him and I realized that his cock was making me come quicker and that he was feeling my ass clinch as I came and he began to come even more. When the clinching from coming had stopped I was almost grateful as it had become painful around his knot. but I am glad I did not refuse to accept his tie. -not that I could have, he forced it into me so fast I felt like I had no choice. I finished the time with him standing over me, pulsing into me of which I could feel every pulse and drop as it squeezed out of my too full ass, I finished whimpering and trying my best to sound like a bitch who approved. whenever I whined he would lick the back of my neck (what a gentleman!) the turn I was not prepared for. I just caught his legs as he twisted that thing around inside me and I could feel our balls touching, I could feel our asses connected, his cock in mine. it must have been like twenty minutes and still he pulsed into me, almost to the point where I could feel the pressure from just his come. and I had this idea that when he pulled out I was going to clinch really fast and keep allllll of his come inside me and make him lick it out if he wanted any. I wanted to be like a greedy bitch intent on getting pregnant, saving every last drop of this valuable stuff, but when he finally popped out -and that time, for real, I yelped like a bitch, there wasnt any plan to that -so much of the come came running out of my stretched hole that I could hardly hold anything in. still he cleaned every inch of me, even if I know his natural intent is to dry the cum with saliva to form a sort of cumplug which helps the stuff inside you survive and bring him little puppies, I still felt it was purely nice of him to clean me up.that was my boy and I loved him so.if I post another story it will be the time he took me in bed as I was waking up. talk about nice I have since been f***** by a man but there is no cock I have ever experienced as powerful or sexy or beautiful as a dog's.
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