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Brutus and Mark Anthony Linda’s first experience with Brutus had not gone well at first. George, Linda’s dom, had thought it would be an interesting test of Linda’s submission to have her f*** Brutus, but of course George hadn’t done any research on the subject. When George got his inheritance he bought a big house on the edge of town, along with a Corvette, plasma TV and two big male Great Danes, Brutus and Mark Anthony. The house sat on five acres and he had a very generous dog run built. The property had chain link fence all the way around it and the dogs were allowed to run free most of the time, but when need be they could be put in the dog run. Linda fit into George’s life style nicely, she was young, thin but shapely, and, by any standard, beautiful, although small, standing only five foot two and just over a hundred pounds. They had been sitting on the terrace at the back of the house one day, Linda was naked as George always required when they were alone, and Linda had gone to refill their glasses with iced tea. When she returned with the filled glasses Brutus had come up behind her sniffing her ass. Linda did her best to shoo him away, but with her hands filled there was little she could do. “I think Brutus likes you.” George said with a grin. “Too bad.” Linda said as she handed George his tea. “You don’t like Brutus?” “I like Brutus just fine. But I don’t want his nose up my butt.” Linda said as she sat in her lounge chair. Brutus has followed Linda and when she sat he stuck his nose down near her crotch. Linda tried again to shoo him away but George stopped her. “Don’t, I want to see what he will do.” George said, and by his tone of voice Linda knew this was an order, not a request. Linda closed her eyes and submitted. Brutus first sniffed her, the started licking, licking her clitoris. “Spread you legs.” George ordered. Linda spread her legs a few inches. “No, farther. Put your feet on the ground.” Linda spread her legs wide enough for her feet to rest on the terrace, and as she did Brutus’ lick became more frantic. It felt wonderful! “This is sick!” Linda thought, and felt guilt for enjoying it. Linda knew better than to let George know that she was enjoying something he was forcing her to do, and instead assumed her most disgusted expression. “Scoot down so he can get to your pussy.” George ordered. Linda did as ordered and soon felt that big rough tongue licking her from asshole to clitoris. Her body quivered pleasure, but she was sure George would take it as revolution. Mark Anthony has become curious by the activity between Linda’s legs, and as came near Brutus growled. “I think this could be a problem. I’ll take Mark Anthony to the dog run.” George said. George took Mark Anthony by the collar and led him the twenty yards to the dog run. With Mark Anthony safely in the dog run and the gate locked, George walked back to the terrace, his eyes fixed on Brutus’ head between Linda’s. When he got back to the terrace George got a chair and put it next to Linda’s lounge chair so he could watch. “Damn! I knew men thought you were sexy, but I never dreamed a dog would pick up on it.” George said. “What do you mean?” Linda asked. “The big bastard is getting a hard on!” Linda automatically looked, and sure enough she could see the end of his cock sticking out of the sheath. “I think he wants to f*** you!” “No, please don’t.” “Want me to get my whip?” George asked. Linda didn’t answer. George watched intently as Brutus licked Linda’s pussy. Then George got an idea, he got the cushion off of his lounge chair and put on the terrace. “Come get on all fours and let’s see what he does.” George said. Linda knew then that she had no choice, and, in truth, Brutus’ licking had made her horny as hell. She pushed Brutus aside and got up, walked over to the cushion and got on all fours. Brutus followed her and as soon as she was in position had again started licking. Brutus tried to mount Linda, but he was so tall he ended up standing over her and humping the air. “That’s not going to work. You need to be higher. . . Get back on the lounge chair on your hands and knees.” George ordered. Linda crawled out from under Brutus, being careful not to touch his cock. She walked over to the lounge chair and got on her hands and knees in the middle of the cushion. “That’s not going to work! Move back until your knees are just barely on, then he can reach you.” George ordered. Linda moved back to the edge of the cushion. Brutus was back at her, gave her a couple licks, then mounted. The first thing Linda felt was pain as Brutus’ claws scratched her sides. The second was that big cock pounding around her pussy, hard enough that she knew she would have bruises. She started to move away when Brutus got lucky. She was amazed at how hot his cock felt, how big it was, and how good it felt! Brutus walked forward a couple steps with his back legs and hunched again, driving his cock fully into Linda’s wet pussy. Now Linda felt the pain of her body trying to accommodated a huge Great Dame cock! Felt an already huge cock growing inside her as Brutus f***** her as she had never been f*****. “This is incredible!” She heard George say. Linda turned her head to see George standing next to her and Brutus, naked with his cock in his hand madly whipping it. Then Linda felt something else, just inside of her pussy, it felt like she was being fisted! It hurt like hell! Then she started to come, an incredible orgasm, made even more incredible by Brutus continuous hard fucking. She felt his sperm squirting into her, hot sperm flooding her womb, and still Brutus f***** her! “Oh baby, this is so hot!” George said. Linda’s body had adjusted to Brutus’ monster cock and her mind was so filled with the pleasure that monster cock was giving her she didn’t even hear what George had said. The only thing on her mind was how long could this ecstacy last. Then she came again. And still Brutus pounded his cock into her. The ball just inside of her pussy hurt and Linda pushed her ass back against Brutus to try and ease the pressure, and as she did the knot moved on her g-spot triggering yet another, even more intense orgasm. Linda felt Brutus’ head against hers and she very naturally turned and kissed him, kissed her magnificent lover. Brutus f***** his bitch a while longer, than it was over. He got off of Linda but they were tied. “What do I do?” Linda asked frantically. “Relax baby. I’ve seen this with dogs. As soon as his hard on goes away he’ll come out of you.” George answered. Linda put her head down and tried to relax. The only thing she could think of was how wonderfully she had been f*****. In a few minutes Brutus’ cock came out of her, she could feel his sperm running down her thigh. Linda started to lay down. “No! Don’t move!” George ordered. Linda was startled and turned to see if something was wrong. What she saw was George taking Brutus’ place. “I should expected this.” Linda thought. She felt George’s cock rubbing against her pussy, rubbing in Brutus’ come, then pushing against her asshole. George’s cock was somewhat less than average in size, both in length and girth. To make up for this he always shoved his cock into Linda ass dry, thinking the pain would make his cock seem bigger. Now, with Brutus’ sperm acting as lubricant, he slid easily into her ass. Fifteen seconds later he came. “Oh my God! That was incredible!” George said as he pulled his cock out of Linda’s ass. “We gotta do this again!” With that George walked into the house to wash. Linda laid on her side and saw Brutus laying on the cushion George had put on the terrace licking his cock clean. She rolled off of the lounge chair, crawled over to him and kissed that magnificent head. Burtus turned from his business and looked her in the eye. His leg was still lifted and Linda saw that monster cock that had given her so much pleasure. She looked to the door to the house, then bent down, took that cock in her hand and into her mouth. She sucked him lovingly, sucked her lovers cock clean and was rewarded with two little squirts of sperm. Hot watery sperm. Linda had never swallowed George’s sperm, even when he demanded it she held it until she could spit it out. But she wanted to swallow Burtus’ sperm, and did. When she had Burtus properly clean she took her mouth off his cock, kissed him again on the forehead and walked into the house. As she walked she held her hand over her pussy to keep Burtus’ sperm off of the carpets. When she entered that bathroom George was drying his cock. “That was fantastic baby. We have to do that again.” George said. “Do we have to?” Linda asked plaintively as she started the shower. “Absolutely! You were so hot! I didn’t think you could take that thing. You were great!” George came to her, kissed her deeply, sticking his tongue as deep into her mouth as he could, and kissed her with his version of passion. Then quickly left the bathroom. Linda smiled. She knew what George’s reaction would be if he had known she had just sucked Burtus’ cock and swallowed his sperm. Linda got into the shower. “Yes, we will definitely have to do that again, . . . and again, . . . and again.” Linda thought. That was how it started, Linda’s deep love for Great Danes. This is a test piece. The book I’m writing will have a couple scenes with Great Danes and during my research I found this forum. I’ve read a lot of posts and often heard that writers always get it wrong. This is your chance, I’m speaking to those women with experience, to correct me. Any and all criticism will be happily accepted. S. A. ChaseIf this is well accepted I will submit more. Mark Anthony gets involved later, at least as I see the story progressing. Please let me know what you think, here or PMs.
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