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For background, you may wish to refer back to my previous writings.This is fiction! Do not try to replicate this activity regardless of other information, movies and pics you find on the net.I am still working for Dr Amy Moreau. You know, the kennel and clinic on French Island? And I still relish an occassional break of substituting on the farm visit route.The incident I am telling you about took place on one of these routes. It was a big schedule and I ended up at Magda's or Madge's, as she was also known, in the late evening. After the last "party" when spectators participated I refused to perform again. Even Madge did not object after some of the dangerous nonsense that went on. It was dark as I drove up her drive, lined with dead trees. It gave me a dismal feeling as the sinister dark hulk of the barn loomed in the darkness. I knew the stable windows were painted on this side, and only when a side door swung open at my approach. was I greeted by a flood of warm welcoming light. I grabbed a lage bag from the truck, and muscular Madge and another woman were pulling a case from the back of my truck. We got everything into the stable and shut the door, again sealing us off from reality. Madge went over the list as she unpacked and stowed the shipment, and I visited the horses and gave them their vitamins. I got back to Madge about the time she had finished. I handed her the sack. From Dr Moreau. She said for your eyes only. Madge accepted it, giving me a hairy eyeball, but no comment. Obviously, she knew its contents.Rose, do you remember Pherd? Yes, I replied. The one with the pillow strapped between his legs. I had noticed two more yearling stallions with the pillows strapped between their front legs. I grinned at Madge. Last time I was here, I saw Pherd running around with some kind of sack or bundle tied under him. What was that for?Madge and the other woman grinned. I thot you'd never asked. I am giving Pherd to you. The woman led him out to where we were. You want to ride him now? I was excited. Oh, Yes! Well lets saddle him up. A pile of tack was uncovered. It was very strange. I helped as they placed a very strrange looking sheet of fine upholstery leather over his back. What are all of these strap and thing for? You'll soon see. Madge untied the sack and tossed it too me. Change into this. I looked in. There were my riding boots and lacey thi top nylons. I pulled them out and said Oh, no! Madge grinned and said, Oh yes! I would not do this, but I pulled the remaining item from the sack. A beautiful brocade and damask ankle length cloak.I don't care, Madge, this is no go. I looked up and Madge was uncoiling a long oiled whip, and the strange woman was edging towards me, carrying a riding crop. I won't have it, Madgda. The woman spoke up. I call myself Hyapatia, but I am also a Magyar, 2nd generation American. I am a belly rider and we want you to try this. If you like it, then its a gift, but also a gift to me as I would love to have a friend with whom to ride.Belly rider? The whip cracked beside me, sending a flash of hot lethal wind against my cheek. Change, Rose. Now! I was not really cowed, but I have always obeyed. I cannot help myself. I stripped. The cool air felt nice, but I quickly shrugged into the beautiful cloak and then slid up the nylons. I had a seat, and Magda and Hyapatia forced the tight boots onto my feet. When they were on, they felt good. Madge beckoned to me. Come, little girly, crawl in here. I started, But Madge pulled me back. Don't be sappy. Crawl in belly down, and then turn over. Hy asked Madge to be patient as this was my initiation. About then, Pherd got the idea that he was involved in something new and started a little nervous dance. Madge smiled down at me. Be gentle to him. He's a virgin with horses and with women. Working on both sides, the women strapped my legs up the side of the horse. Hy explained that this was modified from the traditional belly sling which could allow too much horse into a woman with fatal results. It also flexed my knees a little so I could pull back, or forward on the horse if I needed to, but there was little room. Then they turned to my arms, strapping them up along the horse's sides.I was helpless. I had no control here in what might happen. The fear and excitement almost gave me an orgasm then. Pherd must have smelled and otherwise sensed my excitement as he was dancing around. Hy apeared with a syringe. She held it up to my view. This is an erector set. It lasts about 2 hours. Once he gets into you, with this belly riding saddle, you cannot escape until he becomes limp. Tonite, I will give him a second shot before that happens. I have already placed a small amount of topical pain killer here. I could see her insert the needle into Pherd's cock. as it went deep, he stamped his foot in annoyance, but that was all. I watched as she slowly plunged the hypo and emptyied the syringe. Now. will you do that for me when we ride together? Yes, I said. Was I committing to accepting this? Quickly now. As Magda pressed the end of Pherd's cock into me I could already feel the cock begin to stiffen and grow. I also felt Pherd tensing up. Hy was familiar with the reaction and soothed him. I was not very comfortable. No lubricant had been used and it was a borderline pain. and the sling was cutting me all over. Madge and Hy swiftly adjusted the straps and I actually felt nice, except for the log growing into me. Madge picked up a pillbox hat that I had not noticed. It matched my gown. The hat had scarfs down the side. She crossed them under my chin. That's so you don't get rubbed raw. What about down there. As I was adjusted the pole went in another two inches. I felt so stretched I did not want to move, but Pherd was becoming more disturbed.Now keep your mouth shut. I don't want to hear you yelling. With that the paddock door opened and Pherd was led forward. Ouch! I hated that! It hurt and stretched and he was plunging too deep with each step. He stopped in the doorway, trying to figure things out. Hy was by my ear. Patience. He needs a moment. Please take me out of this I said. Patience, and keep quiet so you don't scare him, she answered. Pherd took a tentative step into the darkness. He liked the sliding back and forth. When his cock rode in, it pulled my pussy tight, but when it slid back out, the lips popped back out with a smack and I imagine pouted. He never seemed to come back out as far as he went in. Now Pferd started prancing. Relax, called Hyapatia. Yeah! Sure! I tried to breathe and relax. That was better, but Pherd decided it was time for a little run.He trotted out into the dark paddock, plunging his cock in and out of me. I exploded into an orgasm, inspite of the remaining discomfort. I soon developed a circular rotating motion in time with his in and out. My orgasm began under my diaphragm and rolled down to my crotch in a great tsunami. Foam rolled from my lips. Was it painful? Yes, but not unendurable. Was it good? No it was evil, but I wanted it to continue for a while. We got to the end of the paddock and Pherd stopped, as if listening, then he came. There was an immense pressure, and then I felt juice squirting out of me. I almost fainted from the constant orgasming, each different. Pherd decided he liked that and started a fast trot again. We went past the open door where I could see the sillhouettes of the my two initiators.The next time I would tell them, enough. But they had disappeared. And I was gone, too. Almost in continual orgasm. The pain was gone and I seem to be an appendage or accoutrement of the stallion. And then another horse was beside me. Hy was belly riding too, and talking to me but I could not understand her. After an eternity, Pherd was blocked into a corner, and Hy, from here strapped position, held his bridle. Madge asked, Enough? I said no. not yet. I saw Madge administer another hypo. Hy explained, this is his first time and yours. It will be good for him to expect long sessions, because soon we will ride togethr all day and into the night. We will need catheters for that, though. It is also important for you to implant the habit of the eternal orgasm. You will be in orgasm continually, all day and evening, with practice. Then Pherd was on the move again.My mind was filled with my impatience to ride all day, and into the night with Hyapatia beside me. How soon? !The sun was rising when Pherd finally relaxed and fell out of me. I was unstrapped and gently led to a chair where I fell asleep, though saturated in my own and Pherds urine and other more gnarly juices. I slept thinking of the long long rides to come.Please leave comments. Leave comments for me and other writers, We take cues from your reactions. Love to all, Rose
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