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I really love my sex partner, as well as my pet. But with the pressures of all the taboos, like that my pet and roommate is my human wife, and likewise I'm her little pet, my horse being my one and only real soul mate as far as I can see, as well as a million other little taboos or apparently unorthodox family embrace, and how hard we usually try to act and be normal for or neighbors, work, and friends often I'll daydream of another possible way of being. I don't think I really want to change a thing in my life, let me make that perfectly clear; it's a good life. I just often think of an easier way.I also normally have very vivid, usually disturbing dreams two or three times a night, but also having an up side, when I dream of something pleasant sometimes I'll wake up and that's more real then me sitting here with my tea and typing to all of you. I had this dream last night, and it's one of my favorites. And since it is basically zoophilic in nature, I thought it would be good here. So enjoy.I start out with the thought that everything has a purpose and is part of something else. I get a very good job, and the two of us have a house. I build a boat, one that I've wanted to build for ages now, and the blueprints have traveled around the globe with me already. It takes three years to build and outfit the boat. At the end of those three years, both my graduate degree is complete, and for my job I'm asked to move again, this time for another five years. My wife is unhappy, keeps the house and animals, and I tow my little boat out to the coast. I'm going to live there for another five years. And that's where I meet my true soul mates. A small pod of dolphins. I've stopped riding altogether, and swim with them every day. During that time I study them, and begin to understand them. After a couple years very often I make love to them. Like friends better then I've ever had, every night they come and bump the boat, begging me to come swim with them in warm yet refreshing ocean waters within a small isolated cove, begging me to play with them, swim with them, and have sex in their pod. I retire, and write books on my little pod. I all but forget about horses and people. Often, the first thing I do in the very early morning, after they bump the boat and wake me up, is to lean over the side and pet whichever one is there and happiest to see me, usually a male. I'll pet him, and kiss him, and soon he rolls over and begs for me to pet and kiss his genital slit. While I'm kissing and rubbing, his penis comes out, and I suck and kisss him until he ejaculates. That fishy semen is my breakfast. Then I'll make coffee, and fondle several more, and often the same one over and over while I watch the sun come up, before kissing and stroking them one more time before I go to take care of paying the moorage, and they hunt for the day. At night, not long after I get home, they are back, and I'm in the water, and the sun is going down. I'll make love once or twice to females, and assist the males to give them more pleasure while they make love. Likewise, often they help enhance my experience. Tired and feeling satisfied from all the exercise I have my evening tea, read a book, and drift off to sleep (literally drifting into conciousness) knowing I'm safe and warm, down to two keys on my key ring, and literally surrounded by my family; the ones I love, once in a will breaching so I know they are there and I'm loved far more then a person ever could love me, and safer then I've ever been. The phone rings. It's the alarm clock. I'm up and taking my wife to work. She asked me this morning what was I so happy about. Now, right now I'm studying a sister to philosophy. Here is the question: Was the dream real, and now I'm having a dream about how it could be with a wife and horse in the desert, or is this real and that was a dream of what it might be like being accepted into a pod of dolphins and living on a boat on the coast?
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