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This is my first story. It is but one of the strange fantasies that visit my head on occasion. It is meant to be of the future and of the past combined more like sci-fi without any era attached, and is written from a first person view, (my unusual view) Please forgive the many typos and grammer issues (my sentences are long) I have never shared like this before. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoy reading the stories here at BF. ~~~ Tish THE KINGDOMS HOPEThe workers, both the men and the women have a hard time controlling their sexual desire for us, which is understandable being that everyday they are lead into the stable and given oil to rub us down, laboring for hours until the King arrives. Their excitement is obvious to all of us stable girls but we are off-limits to anyone with the exception of His Majesty and Maximillion, the king's loyal canine. We all enjoy the massaging given to us by the worker men and women as their skilled hands work oil onto our breasts and rub our bellies as our wrists and ankles are tied spread and standing to the sides of our individual stalls. But for sleeping at night and during our breeding sessions we are backed onto the mechanical tables in our stalls which rotate to various angles. Myself and 11 other girls have been chosen by age, health, and vaginal exam approved by the king to surrender ourselves completely for survival of the kingdom and of course the king's happiness. A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVESince the death of the young queen in the winter, the lonely King has slipped into a close sexual relationship with Max. The gaurds at his bedroom were told not to enter under any circumstance and stories were passed along about the moans and animal grunts coming from the king's mouth in the wee hours when also panting and whimpering were heard as well. The childless king is attempting, with the tax funds of the kingdom's inhabitants, to share with Max in fathering children to fill his castle and eventually rule the land upon is death. This has proven unsuccessful as yet but diligently everyday brings various new techniques and trials which give myself and the other girls some discomfort and pleasure as well. TIT FOR TATThe other girls and I have been enjoying nightly visits by a few of the worker men who release all but one wrist tie and we are able then to move around a little and in return allow them into our mouths as this is not detectable to the doctors tests in the mornings, and we have come to find much enjoyment from this as the hormones given us make us so very addicted to any stimulation and we finally get to cum as they massage our pussies while we suck them off. This does not reduce our desire for sex much though. Those guys aren't paid much but they seem to have good moral since they can enjoy moving from one girl to the next as long as they like, being sucked by hungry mouths in the night.BEAUTIFUL CLARAClara, has become my best friend, she is next to me on the left and is in the last stall on our side. I find myself staring at her beauty over the sides of my stall she smiles when she catches me and sometimes licks her lips to provoke me, the other girls pale in comparision as she is intelligent, entertaining and amusing and I am lucky to have her to myself. We often share our fantasy of being mounted by Max which we understand will happen as soon as our table adapters are crafted. TINY DELLADella, across from us, is the only virgin and is of course very tight but is slowly being stretched by means of a tool which has been in her cunty for the last two days. The doctor enters, writes something on her chart trys to get her to relax by rubbing her clit which she seems to prepare her a little and then cranks the knob extended from her vagina one half turn as she lets out a cry. Usually as the doctor walks away he lifts his fingers to his nose and enhales while shutting his eyes for a moment. He disappears into his office where Ellen sometimes gets a glimpse of the top of his bobbing head as he violently works his cock after his interlude with Della. We all seem to struggle at fighting a need within us that seems to increase daily. I wonder if the wizard has a hand in this too.PREPARING FOR ENTRANCEJohn, my favorite worker, while oiling me this morning, whispered in my ear that they are attempting fertilization again with the king. I was very excited. My swollen breasts seeped my milk showing my arousal. As the king entered the stable we bowed at his sight. I was looking down but could see his feet stop at my stall. Max was at his feet. He motioned to the worker to angle the table. And his servant lady scurried to his side and untied his red velvet robe. His cock jumped out like the star of the show it was and I could see his heartbeat pounding in it. As the girls stole glances he knelt down and Max moved to him, and with his pink tongue licked the underside of his Majesty's cock and again Max's tongue darted out and licked the king from the base to the tip. The king nearly lost balance and was corrected to standing by the doctor and a worker. He then stepped into my stall, my heart raced and I felt dizzy. I was glad I was tied securely. WATCHINGI could see his eyes shift to my large milk jugs (thanks to the hormones) and patted for Max to jump to my side. Max immediately smelled my milk and began licking as it seeped from my nipple I watched his red glossy dog cock poking out from its furry sheath. I felt such a rush as the king positioned his cock head between my cunt lips and in one jerk upwards filled my grateful waiting pussy. The mechanical table began to vibrate, shaking my body and tits as Max jumped down and walked behind the king. I glanced at my fellow girls, they are now staring, without fear.A SURPRISE I felt an electric shock flow through me as I looked down to see the king reach back behind himself lifting up his robe to his waist as Max appeared just behind! The vibration beneath me ceased. And for several moments a wonderfully intoxicating rhythm of the kings mating took its place. The king's cock now lay almost still within me. I could feel only the ripple effect of max's forceful motions as he held tight to the waist of the ruler and the King braced himself holding onto his hand grips on either side of me. I had the best seat in the house with the king's cock inside me massaging my cervix as Max gave his lover his all. A DOUBLE KNOTAnd then a strange sensation began, I felt kings penis seem to double in girth, swelling within me, I could see in his face that I was about to receive his seed. The king was breathing very rapidly as Max pushed his knot inside his hole. I immediately felt an intense pressure and could not contain my orgasm again as my pussy clenched against the king's cock. I noticed the king and the Max are emptying their seed at the same time but also the king is somehow receiving Max's sperm and it is recycling through his body and into mine. I black out for sometime and wake to see we three are locked together tight. The workers rush to bring water for Max, wine for the king, and a fertility shot for me. My King, when seeing me cringe with the needles prick, told me that I was such a very good girl. His majesty, for the first, spoke directly to me. Oh my! How wonderful it would be to bear his and max's children. We remained together for several wonderful minutes as Max was the first release himself and immmediately cleaned the king with his long soft tongue. King withdrawed himself from me with a flood of white on the floor, Max came to investigate and looked back at his lover and with a nod from the king came in between my thighs. I was a bit nervous but his tongue was like a magic spell on me. It was a high I didn't expect and unfortunately it definately didn't last as long as I would have liked. The king tied his robe and returned to the castle slowly with his beloved canine.MY EARLY BED TIMEI can't stop smiling as the workers return later to bathe me. The girls seem to be a bit jealous of me tonight. I feel so warm inside. We will know in about 2 weeks if it was successful. As I tingle from head to toe and close my eyes, I think I already know.....TO BE CONTINUED.....MAYBE.
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