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Karm Shot"What comes around goes around." Buddhist Proverb. "Once upon a time, there was a handsome Indian prince who married a lovely Indian princess. They could have lived happy ever after, if only..." From the Vattàwagiña "I WON'T suck your dick! Aren't you satisfied with my lotos juwel? And by the way, you even smell fishy!" Princess Filaputa stayed resistant."Ha! And didn't you swear at our wedding that I would be your master?" Prince Amabuga tried his best with sophistry."Oh come on, that was just tradition! Show for our peoples! What do you expect me to do next, wash the dishes? If you want your dick sucked, suck it yourself. Here catch, there is a pic inside how it is done!" The Princess took a copy of the Kama Sutra from the shelf and threw it at the Prince. Then she retired in her room, slamming the door. Jewelry in the value of the US gross national debt fell off. "Shrew!" murmured the Prince. "Wait and see..." The next day the Princess awoke from a raspy tongue exploring the creases of her yoni. "Oh yeah, that's the spirit..." she wanted to say. But all she brought out was a "Ggglmpf?" because her mouth had been tied with a special gag that forced it wide open. She ripped open her eyes and saw herself shackled spread-eagled to the bed, with a giant king tiger between her thighs. "Say hello to Raja, some boyfriend of mine. He has been trained to punish housemaidens who have been naughty. Come and eat me and he won't eat you." Thus Amabuga spake and forced his lingam deep down the throat of the helpless Filaputa. "Mmm!Gnn!" she coughed, squirming against her bonds. Already seconds later, she was flooded in royal semen and had to gulp it down to the last drop for not drowníng. "See? This is much more fun for me. I leave Raja here so you can get some pleasure too." The Prince left and Raja took this sign to mount the Princess. She was already licked wet, and the rough spiny feline penis quickly brought her to ecstasy against her will. The tiger pressed her firm breasts with his claws as maid and monster orgasmed unisono. Again, royal semen filled Filaputa. While she was still throbbing inside, Raja extended his claws and with a single swipe... cut the ropes that restrained her. With a triumphant roar, he left the scene."Now you should be tamed", thought Amabuga as he heard the tigers voice. He couldn't be more wrong. Because he awoke next day from the feeling of his lingam being deep-throated. "MMM! Good wifey!" "Not quite - may I introduce you to my girlfriend Naja? And she can suck without needing oxygen for hours!" Now it was to Amabuga to rip open his eyes. Naja turned out to be a giant king cobra. "Since you are so fond of blow jobs - she is specially trained to satisfy princes who have been naughty. And now lie very quietly while I put on this strap-on dildo..." The prince knew what was destined to be his fate now and couldn't stand THAT humiliation. He jumped out on the bed.And the startled cobra gave him a single bite.And Prince Amabuga made one single step in the direction of Filaputa.And then he collapsed, dead as a mackerel. The viziers swept the whole thing under the rug, to avoid a war. Labeled it a freak sex accident. And both peoples mourned for the loss of Price Amabuga, at least officially, as a lot of housemaidens were quietly celebrating that the damned bastard was dead. And the widow married again, this time his brother Jurabuga who was a wimp asking for allowance each time before. A few thousand years later, give or take... Filipa Utena swung the broom."Somehow this doesn't feel right", she thought. "Somehow I should be a princess, instead of this shitty job." Which was a description to the point, as she was busy cleaning the box of Mabog, a huge Indian elephant. "Damn, I stink!" Mabog put his trunk in the water basin and emptied a few litres over Filipa. "Quick thinking, Big One. I can as well undress here. Would you do me a favor and turn around?" she giggled and pulled off her work clothes.Suddenly, a trunk coiled around her arms and waist. "Hey, I have no time for playing with you!" The elephant didn't listen. Instead, he sat down on his big ass and lowered the naked body of Filipa slowly.With widened eyes, she looked down and stared into an erection of one meter and a half. "No! Nooooo!" Of course, Jumbo didn't try to insert his boner somewhere. (This wouldn't even work out in a porn story, right?) Instead, he wrapped Filipa once around his big dickhead and then let the foreskin snap back.Filipa struggled. The foreskin kept her tightly pressed against the dickhead. "Oh great, I'm captured by an elephant with a phimosis", she thought. 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