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This is my first attempt to post so I hope this works!Tammy’s story I remember my first time like it was yesterday. I was just out of high school. I had taken a day job as a checkout girl in the grocery store in town, as well as my evening and weekend job that I’d had at the ice cream shop all through school. I was trying to save up money for collage in the fall. At 5ft. 9in. Tall. With a 38-24-34 figure, at 117 lbs. I was tall and slender. With long legs, tight little buns, a flat tummy, and, as my boyfriend puts it, “a nice rack!” I had a full head of long, beautiful hair that came down to the middle of my back. But enough about me. Here’s what happened. It was one of my rare days off. I had even got to sleep in a little. I woke up about 8:30. I stood up and stretched. Looking in the mirror, I ran my hands over my slender form. Not bad, I thought to myself, turning to see myself at different angles. Not bad at all. It was already hot and humid, and going to get hotter. So I put my hair up into a long ponytail, And set about deciding what to wear. I settled on cutoffs and a halter top. I wanted as much skin exposed as I dare and still be decent to help me deal with the heat. Then I went downstairs for breakfast. When I got to the kitchen, I was met by our black lab, Buster. As I sat down at the table, he came over to get some attention. As I was absentmindedly scratching his ears, mom told me that her and dad were going to a sale that was about an hours drive away, and would be there all day. She also informed me that they were taking my brother along as well. As they got ready to leave they asked me to make sure all the animals had water throughout the day, as it was to get really hot. I said I would, then they said their good bys and left. As I watched them all drive down the dirt lane towards the road, I thought YES! Finally, a day all to myself. A day to relax and do whatever I want! First, I decided I would work on my tan for a while. I preferred to do so in the nude, but didn’t often get the chance. So I got a big beach towel from my swim bag in the laundry room. Then I headed out the back door with Buster following close behind. He was such a big baby. He hated to be left alone. I spread my towel out in the sun as he laid down under a shade tree, not too far away. As I stepped onto my towel, I knew I was alone, but I looked around anyway, out of habit I guess. Then I stripped down, enjoying the sensuous feel of the sun on my flesh. Running my hands all over my body as I laid down, pausing to pay extra attention to my nipples. They were soon hard and erect, shooting little tingles through me as I kneaded and massaged them. Soon one hand slid down to massage my clit. I closed my eyes and I began to think about my boyfriend, Rob. Too bad he was out of town on vacation and wasn’t due back for almost a week yet. As I started to fantasize I began to finger myself. Slowly at first, but as my climax grew closer I picked up the pace. I tried to keep myself right on the edge. Savoring the sensations. I wanted it to go on and on. I was remembering our last night together, how he had made me feel so good. I remembered the feel of his tongue. It was almost like he was there now. MMMMM, That feels sooo good baby! Ooohh, yes! WAIT A MINUTE, My head snapped up and I was shocked to see Buster’s head between my thighs! But it was too late. Just then, he shoved his tongue inside me and my first orgasm hit me like a freight train! NO!,…OH,… GOD,… UNGH, It was so Intense! And so very KINKY! It was incredible! Later, when I had began to recover, I noticed that the pink tip of his tool was protruding several inches from it’s furry sheath. I stared at it transfixed. I could not believe what I was starting to think! No! I said sharply to myself, shaking my head to rid myself of those thoughts. Still though, he had gotten me off good!. Oh boy had he! And he had gotten himself all worked up in the process. It just wouldn’t be right to leave a guy hanging, so to speak. So I gently reached under him and fondled his sheath. His tool came out still farther. Fascinated , I wrapped my hand gently around it and started slowly stroking it. It came out a little farther and he started trying to hump my hand. Then some warm, thin, milky white stuff sprayed out. Thinking he had come, I quit stroking him. He gave me a strange, somewhat confused look and went over in the shade to clean himself off. As I dressed and went inside to wash my hands, my mind was racing. I felt rather dirty and yet strangely I was very excited about what had happened. It was extremely kinky, I tried not to think about it, yet I couldn’t deny the fact that I had enjoyed it. I had seen stuff on the internet about this sort of thing, but that was all fake, wasn’t it? It was incredible though! I wondered if I could get him to do it again? After I’d washed my hands, I decided I’d check the animals to make sure they had water and to give myself something else to think about for now. I headed down to the corral, with Buster in tow. I checked the horses trough and it was fine. Then on down to the hog waterers. They were fine. The cows had the creek to drink from, they would be fine. I headed back up to the house to check dad’s pedigreed dogs in the kennel. Two huge prize winning, pedigreed champion mastiffs. Duke and Lady. When I got there, I saw Duke licking Lady’s sex. He was really working it over, just as Buster had done to me earlier today. My hands instinctively slipped into my halter top, and started playing with my nipples as I stared, fascinated. Lady appeared to be enjoying the attention. I stared at Duke’s glistening tool protruding from it’s sheath. It looked huge! All of a sudden, he mounted her! I stared as his hard shaft poked at her franticly, then, he hit his mark! He buried his meat in her just as far as he could in a single thrust. Then he started to pound it in her. He was humping her like a madman. Her eyes were glazed over, and she was panting as she remained motionless, frozen in bliss. Just watching her was making me extremely wet! I had to have some relief! In a flash I stripped off my shorts and sat down, calling Buster over to me. I put his enormous head in my crotch and begged him to please lick me. His tongue zeroed right in and he began alternating between licking me like mad, plunging his tongue deep as he could into my slit, and nibbling on my clit. Every time he touched it, it was like an electric shock went through me! I laid back to give him better access to me. He was using that wonderful tongue of his sooo well! As I pinched and pulled at my nipples through my halter top, I felt the orgasm welling up inside of me. Growing stronger and stronger, OOOHH! … YEESSS! … YEESSSS! … OOOHHH! … It went on and on for what seemed like forever. When I started to regain my senses, Buster was standing over me, with his glistening shaft exposed, pawing at my hips. I looked over in the kennel to see Duke licking lady again! Then I stared at Buster’s stiff tool, it was long but rather thin. My head was swimming! I took Busters stiff shaft in my hand. I glanced back at the kennel to see Duke franticly mounting lady again! That’s when something inside me snapped. I had to know what that felt like! So I rolled up onto all 4. I was rewarded instantly by Buster trying to mount me. His fur on my skin felt extremely kinky, only adding to my excitement. I felt his shaft poking at my ass, his paws clutching me tightly by my waist But the angle was all wrong. So I dropped my chest to the ground and reached under myself and guided him to my slit. Once he felt it, his paws tightened their grip on my waist. Then he slammed his entire length into me in one mighty thrust! I felt his knot rapidly swelling inside me! He pulled back briefly, testing the tie. There was no going back! He was knotted into me now and I was his bitch to f*&k to his heart’s content! Not that I would have stopped him if I could. It felt sooo kinky! Then he started pounding me with such a total sense of urgency, like our lives depended on it, like nothing else in the world existed at that moment! His knot was rubbing against my g spot now, Then, I felt the tip of his penis enter my cervix. His fur felt so very kinky on my back, he was panting in my ear, and his cock was so hot! Then he started shooting massive amounts of his red hot doggie seed deep into my womb. OOHHH, …UUNGH! ……GOD! …YEESSS! …F*&K MEEE! … F*&K MEEE! I was screaming incoherently. I had never had orgasms like this! Not near as many or as intense! It was INCREDABLE! I don’t know how long passed before I Started to come to my senses, I realized the one thing I had failed to consider. Paul, our hired hand. He was standing over me, stroking himself. I tried to move but I could not. For one reason, Buster was still knotted in to me. And for two, my hands were handcuffed together and I had a collar on and was chained to the dog kennel in front of me. I started to swear at him. That’s when he informed me that he had been videotaping us for a while now, as he pointed to a camera on a tripod not far away. He said he had pictures as well as the tape. And unless I wanted them to go to my parents, my boyfriend, or even the internet for all to see, that I’d better be nice to him and do whatever he said. I reluctantly agreed. Then, he said “Watching you and Buster has made me very horny“, as he let go of his penis. It was only about average length, about 6” - 7” but it was very thick. He grabbed me by my ponytail and forced me to suck on it. I did so, even though I despised him, I wanted to get this over as quickly as possible. He was soon Cumming in short spurts as Buster finally pulled out of me with a plop. After making me lick him clean, he said he wanted in on the action. First, he cut off my halter, then he moved a small bale of hay over beside me. He draped my beach towel over it, laid down on it on his back , and ordered me to straddle him. Then he placed his tool in my slit. He pulled me down on top of him. Then he called Buster back over to us as he grabbed my ass cheeks. Buster licked us a few times, and then Buster grabbed my hips tightly with his front paws, and mounted me and he started poking at my ass! I started to protest, but Paul ordered me to shut up. With Paul’s meat seated deeply in my cunt, he guided Buster’s stiff cock into my asshole. As soon as Buster felt my entrance he rammed his full length into me. I cried out in pain and shock! “I was still a virgin back there!” “Not any more” Paul said. Buster’s member began to grow huge and his knot formed. Buster began franticly humping my ass with that sense of total urgency! Pain soon turned to pleasure as I was getting both my holes filled! Paul ran his hands all over my body, stopping to play with my nipples. Buster’s knot was locked in my ass, which he was franticly humping, causing my pussy to twitch and convulse on Paul’s meat, bringing us all to a massive orgasm. Just as I felt Buster begin to pump his hot doggie seed deep in my ass, I felt Paul stiffen up and shoot his load deep inside me. These two events gave me an absolutely mind blowing series of orgasms! As we all 3 lay there, in an exhausted heap, me pinned there by Buster’s knot, Paul by me and Buster’s combined weight. While I was savoring the sensations’ Paul explained that in order for me to get the video and pictures back, that I would have to be his farm slut all summer. To be at his sexual beck and call whenever no one else was around. To do whatever he said, with him or whatever animals he said. Period. Then, when I went away to collage in the fall, he would mail the tape and pictures to me. I learned a lot that summer! I’ll write more as I can, If it's wanted?
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