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CampingI was out on one of my camping trips in a state park. Atmidnight on a warm summer eve, I found myself hiking back to mycampsite. As I approached my area, I heard a low moaning coming from anearby site. Curious, I quietly approached the area from which themoans were emanating. I was concerned that someone or something wasinjured or in trouble. The vision I beheld was hardly an injury. Crouched on all fours, between a small tent and some bushes,was a lady that I had seen assembling her tent earlier in the day. Adog, her male Labrador Retriever, was standing behind her. He was busylicking her arse and pussy and by her moans, she was enjoying it agreat deal. She probably figured that at this time of night, no onewas likely to be walking about. In the moonlight, I had a good view ofthe action. The dog continued to lick her rear until I heard her say, "HupMax." Max quickly mounted her and began humping her like mad. Shereached behind her and guided him into her opening. By the increasingvolume of her moans and cries, Max seemed to be doing a great job. Ifound myself wishing that I could get into some of this action. Greatly aroused, I started to slowly move forward to get abetter view. To my horror, I stepped upon a large, dry twig. The"SNAP" resounded through the campsite. Both the lady and Max turned tolook behind them and right at me. "Who are you? STAY AWAY! I, um, fell down and the dog jumpedonto me," she said as she gathered up her shirt and shorts. She hadalso managed to place Max between herself and me. She was a vision ofpure animal lust, illuminated by the moonlight and completelyflustered. "Please don't be scared. I won't hurt you. I was walking backto my campsite and I heard some noise. I feared someone was injuredand I came to investigate. Forgive me, but it is nice to meet a fellowdog lover," I replied. "My name is Stan." Max had been watching me andwandered over to sniff my hand and the bulge in my shorts. He lookedsleek and muscular and his cock was semi hard at this point. "Really? Well, Max seems to like you. Normally he snarls atstrangers. My name is Sue." Sue seemed to have regained all of herclothes and some of her composure. "The pleasure is mine. I am sorry to have interrupted you. Iwill leave you alone now. Good night." "Please wait. I, um, have wanted to see Max with a man and heis not satisfied." Sue looked down at her feet and then over to Max"Would you be interested?" she asked me shyly. "Yes, if you might be willing to continue your tryst as well.I would not want you to go unsatisfied either." I smiled at her. "Wecould go to my tent, it is much bigger and has some privacy." "Well... ok. Just let me get a few things out of the tent."she replied. A few minutes later she had a small backpack and we werewalking towards my campsite. As we walked towards my tent, Max was busy taking turnssmelling Sue's and my crotches. Max soon let me pet and stroke him. Ispent the time telling Sue a little about myself and she did the same.We soon became comfortable around each other. Within a few minutes wearrived at my tent (it is big enough to sleep eight) and went inside.Without a word, Sue approached me and slipped her hand down my shortsand stroked my cock into hardness. She quickly pulled down my shortsand discarded them into a pile in the corner. Max came up and startedto lick my cock and balls with his long, soft tongue. I crouched down and assumed the "doggie" position. Sue reachedinto her backpack and produced a small bottle of vegetable oil. Shebegan to lube the outside of my asshole and then worked the oil intomy ass with her fingers. At the same time, Max was busy licking mycock and balls. Sue set back and said, "Hup Max." Max came behind meand mounted easily. Sue guided his cock into my asshole. Max startedto hump quickly and once he found my hole, slowed into a sustainedpush. I gasped as his cock pushed into me and began swelling. Iclosed my eyes and concentrated upon the pleasure of having a largedog cock filling my colon. Soon I could feel his knot pushing againstmy hole, causing a little pain. The rest of him was pressing againstmy prostrate. All this time, Sue was slowly stroking my cock,increasing the tempo with Max's strokes. "I want Max to be completely inside you. I want to see hisknot enter you and Max must tie with you," Sue said while stroking me.I relaxed my sphincter and with a grunt, Max forced his knot into me.I yelped with the sudden pain and then my thoughts focused upon thepleasure as I came into Sue's hand. Max swelled even larger and grunted with pleasure as mysphincter tightened around his cock as I came. I soon felt hot liquidfilling me completely as Max's cock quivered inside me. Max continuedto come for some time and then finally began to relax. I could donothing but hold my position and let the waves of pleasure flow overme. About twenty minutes later, he softened and pulled out of me.He gave my ass a few licks to clean it off and then started cleaninghimself. Weak with pleasure, I looked up to see Sue naked and rubbingherself. She was quite wet with her pleasure while watching Max fuckme...
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