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Dane DoneThe sun poured through my windows as I got up to go for my morning jog. Iknew it was going to be a gorgeous day and I wanted to enjoy the sweetspring air of the countryside rather than drive to the gym as I had beenduring the winter months. I lived so far out in the country that I wouldwish for spring during the winter months just to avoid the drive. This waytoo, I didnít have to worry about gathering my things for work. I couldshower and dress at home rather than at the gym.After throwing on some old sweats, I grabbed my portable stereo and headedout the door. My husband hadnít budged from his deep snoring slumber andwould probably not even notice that I was gone.I took off down our driveway and onto the country lane. But after about aquarter of a mile I turned off the road and decided to go cross country. Iheaded up a small hill into the woods and found the trail I knew would bethere. I loved going way back into the woods. My favorite thing was to gooff the trail to see what was beyond the next rise. Well, this time mywanderings had taken me to a high hill with a clearing at the top thatafforded me a spectacular veiw.I knew no one else was around for miles around and the sense of being aloneprompted me to take off my clothes. The thought of being so exposed wasquite erotic to me. The chill of the air was just enough that added to myarousal made my nipples stand perfectly erect. I leaned back against a treeand parted my legs.I grew damp as I enjoyed the pleasure of my own touch. Closing my eyes Iallowed myself to drift into some wild fantasy about making love out in theopen, in nature, like this.At first the sound didnítí bother me. Dogs barked out in the country all thetime, but after a while the sound grew closer. It wasnít just a bark. Butthe sound of several dogs howling and barking together. I still didnít thinkmuch about it untill I could hear them in the woods behind me.Dog packs were not common, but occasionally some of the farm dogs aroundwould roam in packs. They were usually harmless only harrassing neighboringcows from time to time. The thought crossed my mind that it might be someonecoming with them though so I quickly went to the edge of the hill where Ihad left my clothes to retrieve them. I wasnít in too much of a hurry,because dogs usually are way ahead of their masters.Before I reached my clothes, two of the dogs were on top of me, knocking medown. I was afraid I was goign to be mauled and was unsure if I should fightor lie still. But the nips at my bare flesh prompted me to fight.Iím not even sure how many dogs there were, five or six maybe? They wereobviously led by a large grey speckled dane. He stood directly over me andlooked down at me like he knew exactly what to do. All of the dogs were verybig dogs. I knew I didnít have a chance. The was a golden retriever typethat was almost as big as the dane. None of them seemed like they were angryor ready to attack. Their tails were all wagging, but the way they hadknocked me down and nipped at me said otherwise.The dane stood with his face in mine, but I began to feel noses at mycrotch. I pushed at them and held my legs together tight, but they nudgedand prodded. The dane put his back foot on my leg so it slid down the insideof it with his nails raking into my inner thigh. I pulled my leg back inreaction to the pain and before I realized what I had done I had four nosesin my pussy.I screamed and kicked at them, but they became more insitent. The dane hadcalmly stepped over me and looked as though he were waiting his turn. Iquickly seized the opportunity and got up to run. I never made it off of myknees. The dane mounted me and held me with his body as he began thrusting.His cock was trying to find its home. I squirmed and fought to get him offof me, but the tongues lapping at my pussy from behind only made things moreready for him. He was so much stronger than I ever thought a dog could be.He held me firmly and his cock suddenly slipped into my womanhood. Iscreamed. I have never felt such revulsion. The dog pumped into me hard andI could feel a swell being pushed into me. I knew from seeing dogs get tiedthat they had a knot that would not come out easily if it made itís wayinside. I was on the tight side anyway. I clawed at the ground to pull away.He still held me fast. I could move away some, but he came right along withme.I reached under me to try to grab ahold and keep him out, but he only pumpedinto me harder and more forcefully.I felt it slip in and sure enough it felt like it would rip me apart if itcame back out. I found myself having to push back against the animal,affording him deeper entry to keep the knot from tearing my hole open. Itwas humiliating to have to let a dog fuck me. I thought about my husband andwhat he would say if he knew. Tears began to flow and the dog explodedinside of me. I could feel the cum dripping out and running down my leg.The dog tried to pull out, but it hurt me so bad that I had to move with himto keep him inside of me. He was turned away from me with his cock buried inme. I cried and cried with the thought of someone finding out.The other dogs lapped up the juices flowing from my cunt. The feel of allthose tongues began to make me feel aroused. I was ashamed, but I was beingturned on by this.My pussy was so sore by the time the dogs cock was freed from me. All thepulling he did to try to get out had left my pussy feeling quite abused. Istarted to get up but the retreiver was on me before I could. The wholescene was repeated with each dog. But by the last one, I had cum severaltimes as well.I was about to collapse after the last one when the dane mounted a secondtime. I tried to crawl away, but his cock found my ass and he pounded intoit hard and fast. I had never had anything in my ass before and the painleft me screaming for my life. It hurt like nothing I had ever felt before.The severe stretching burned beyond comprehension. I fought hard, but thedane held me so tight between his paws.My thoughts turned to the knot. I frantically tried to get away from it, butthe dane forced it in and once again I found myself having to let him havehis way. The dane humiliated me more than the others because I had to giveinto him, to let him do this to me. With more cum dripping from my ass theother dogs lapped at my abused cunt and ass around the tie the dane had withme. It took at least half an hour or more before the dane came free of myass. I had to stay there on all fours with this dog attached to me, duringall that time. I hoped beyond belief that no one would come that way andsee.My husband would have awoken and gotten worried by this time. I didnít knowif he would come looking or not, but the chances of anyone coming up to thatridge was slim. I relaxed with that thought. When the dane was free, Icollapsed in a heap on the dewy grass. My legs were spread wide as the dogslicked me clean. When they were done they disappeared into the woods. I laythere for a few minutes longer trying to compose myself and think of anexplanation. I certainly didnít want to tell my husband that I was raped bydogs. Heíd never believe it and I was too ashamed.I got up and slowly put on my clothes. I winced with every motion from thebeating my ass took. I knew I would not be able to jog up the driveway muchless the whole way home. I headed down the hill trying to think of a way toalleviate suspicions.When I reached the trail, I saw a piece of paper laying on the trail andabsent mindedly picked it up. I glanced at it and did a double take. It wasa poloroid of me and the dane.
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